L.A. Guns (Tracii Guns)
The release of the new edition of L.A. Guns album "Shrinking Violet" was the first step leading to the collaboration between the band and Favored Nations, the label owned by Steve Vai. On this occasion, we had the chance to interview Tracii Guns, the historical leader of this Los Angeles based group. Enjoy it!
Article by Daniele Carlucci - Publish on: 27/05/10

Hi Tracii and welcome to SpazioRock. Why did you decide to reissue "Shrinking Violet"? Is it due to the presence of Jizzy Pearl in the line-up, since "Shrinking Violet" is the only album sung by him?

Hello Daniele!!!!!!

The reason "Shrinking Violet" is the first release on Favored Nations, it is because we decided it was an album that was never released on a real label with distibution and also it was an easy way to start the relationship between us and the label.

In the new edition of "Shrinking Violet", why are missing "It's Hard" and "How Many More Times"?

The original reason is because there is not enough minutes on one CD to fit all of the studio and live tracks so, we are planning on the "Shrinking Violet" extended EP with more live tracks and the other studio tracks.

Is the band getting along with Jeremy?

He is the coolest member of L.A. Guns ever.

Would you like to tell me about your solo career? How is it going on?

Everyone’s career is a solo career HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

There are two L.A. Guns band right now. How do you manage the situation? Couldn't you smooth out the differences with Phil Lewis?

WHO? (ops!)

What about the cooperation with Favored Nation? Considered that it’s owned by Steve Vai, do you think this may be an advantage?

It is a very nice label to be with and Steve is a great guy who I believe understands L.A. Guns music.



Are you working on a new stuff for a new album?

Could you tell me something about the period when Axl Rose was in the band?

Axl was amazing in L.A. Guns and also in Guns n’ Roses and also the new Guns n’ Roses line-up. He is fantastic vocally.

The first two L.A. Guns albums were platinum, the third one was gold, then you didn't reach those results anymore. Was it because something changed or simply because it’s difficult to stay constantly on the top?

It is very difficult to stay anywhere HAHAHAHA.

Can you tell me about the period when you were in Guns n' Roses? Have you ever repented of leaving the band?

I was happy to leave Guns n’ Roses, because I enjoyed the success without the drama of that band.

In the 80's Los Angeles was full of bands which lived for rock n' roll. How did the situation change? Which are the pros and cons to grow up in Los Angeles, musically speaking?

I only recognized The Germs, Motley Crue, W.A.S.P. and Ratt back in the day. I never thought of competition or success, only music. If you are good, people will gravitate towards you. L.A. is the best place to play live music.

traciigunsinterview2010_breakkkkkIn your opinion, is there some new young band that can become a big band soon?

Dirty Penny.
Can you tell me about The L.A. Guns Street Team? How did this idea come up?

Isa and Ana Pinar made the L.A. Guns Street Team. They are the most dedicated people in The L.A. Guns camp.

Unfortunately, a legend like Ronnie James Dio passed away recently. Do you have any pleasant memory of him?

His music inspired millions of people and I met him one time. He was very open and nice to me. Rock n’ Roll will miss him.

Ok Tracii, that’s all. Thank you very much for your time. Now you can leave a message to all your fans and SpazioRock users. Thanks!

Keep Rock n’ Roll Fun ITALY!!!!!! L.A. Guns will see you soon!

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