Joe Lynn Turner (Joe Lynn Turner) scored another goal. We had the chanche to do an exclusive interview with one of the biggest voices in Rock Music: Mr. Joe Lynn Turner. We spoke about the next concert at Frontiers Rock Festival, to a possible reunion with Rainbow and of course something about the relationship with Ritchie Blackmore, Alice Cooper and about his new band called Rated-X. Have a nice reading!
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 15/12/14

Joe, first of all I'd like to tell you that we are so happy to see you in Italy again next april for Frontiers Rock Festival. What are yuor expectations?


I certainly hope we have a full house. I hope people take this very seriously and come to the festival. I'm really looking for playing all kinds of different songs, we have many requests from the fans, and I'm going to meet those requests. Of course you can't meet every request but we're going to try to have an equilibrated show, taking songs from solo albums, to Rainbow, to Deep Purple, to Rated X. Of course this is a solo gig, but I'm certainly hoping to play those songs. Rated X could not play the festival because we had commitments, but I should play some songs for the people.

jleitw01Do you have something to say for all the Italian fans who will be there just for you?


I love my Italian fans, it's a special country to me. All I can say is: please come to the show, because this is going to be an event that you wouldn't like to miss. I'm coming to see you all, so let's go.

Joe, would you like to tell us something more about your new album with Rated X? Is it a side project, or is it a real band?


No, this is what I tell everybody: it's not a side project, we want the band to be a full time band. But of course in order to be a band, the band must work, and in order to get the work you must have demand from the people, and people must want to see Rated X. So if the people will support the album, they should also make some noise saying that they want to see us live: this is how the band can work. We started this as a project, but projects don't work, projects come and go and no one would take it seriously. We wanted to have a band, we all have been in too many projects, solo career, side bands, bla bla bla. We really wanted to have a band, and it would be great if the people respond to this. We have a really great album, with really great songs and playing, a great sound that people would love. We need supporters, otherwise there's no work for a band that has no supporters. It's very simple, it's the business of the music industry. It's what you need to pull to the people who are at the top of it, expecially in a crysis in which everyone is complaining "no money, no money". We just want to come out and play, but people must tell the promoters "hey, we want to see this band, cause this is our new favourite band". So we hope the people give us a chance to come play live.

Ok Joe. You also singing in Rock Meets Classic tour. Can you tell me something about it?


Oh, it's a fantastic tour. Alice Cooper headlined it, then we had the guys from Uriah Heep -wonderful guys, Bernie and Mick are super friends of mine-, and Kim Wylde, she's a sweetheart, and Midge Ure which is a very nice guy. Many people said that this tour was the best tour of the Rock Meets Classic tours, because all the artist came along like a family. Of course this is what you need when you're touring for over a month together, you need people to come together, to feel good energy. The promoters of this tour said it was the most fantastic time they had in all the seven years of Rock Meets Classic. So I was so proud to be a part of this. It was a really good time, and great music too, because the collection of artists really gave the people a show that they liked. We toured over twenty cities, throughout Germany, Austria, France. The orchestra is a great alternative to showcase the songs, you know, the arrangements of the orchestra makes the songs so beautiful.

Germany is a great market for you, and for this Rock Meets Classics tour.


Yes, the promoters hope to make it larger, to expand it possibly even to Russia. But there's so many problems you have to fight in order to make it happen. Sometimes they stop you at the border, sometimes you can't make the show. So once they overcome the logistics, they will obviously bring us to Italy, Russia and many other countries.



I hope so! Last but not least, you will join Alice Cooper for the annual charity show. Have you ever been so busy in the music business?


I have! But it's nice to be busy at this time of my career, it's even more exciting at this stage of the career to be extremely busy and popular, and I'm very thankful to all the fans and all the people who support my career and the music that I try to make. So yes, I have been busy, but this is a really really busy time. And I'm really looking for to the Alice Cooper show becase we're releasing money to the children, and I'm very dedicated to this cause.

And Joe, what kind of person is Alice Cooper? Can you tell me something about him?


Alice is the most wonderful guy, he's very social, he's very giving, he's very humble. He's a really nice guy. When you spend a month with someone, every day, you really get to know people, you go out to diner and those things... and we are good friends now. He's a really special guy, because he's true professional. I just love everything that he does, and it was such an honour for me to share the stage with him, and perform "School's Out" at the end of the show. And he's a very giving person, he asks us to come and have fun, he never tries to steal the show. I'm so happy that I had this opportunity. He deserves everything of the success he has.

Recently you said to another magazine that fans deserve the Rainbow reunion. Why did you say this?


Well, I really believe so, because it was the major band for many many people throughout the world, internationally. Ritchie Blackmore is a true icon, he's a true guitar hero. In my opinion he's not one of the best. He's the best and the most original. I respect a lot what he wants to do now, and he does not have to stop that, but I think that in a window of time he should think to do something with Rainbow again because 2014 would be our 40years, it would be our anniversary. That would be a beautiful moment to do this, this would be a perfect year. And I don't understand why he doesn't think about this, because this is part of rock legend and history, and it would be such an honour to do a reunion, a resurrection of the band. Not only for the fans, who really want it, but also for the members, including past and present members. You know, it's a legend, I think it's probably one of the only possible reunions. You have Black Sabbath and other bands out there, but I think Rainbow supersedes every one of these bands, and I think this would be the most acclaimed reunion in rock history, and it would made rock history again. The fans deserve it for sure, they're screaming for it everywhere I go.




Are you talking about it with Ritchie?


I hate to say it, but I've not spoken directly to him, but I have spoken to managers. I'm trying to convince his management that this is what we should do. That said, to be honest, I'm hitting a wall.

I don't think Candice Night and Carole Stevens will agree easily...


I don't want to speak badly. But the truth is the truth.


Let's go back to your music. What about your solo album and Sunstorm?


Sunstorm is a great project, we have three albums and a lot of great songs, all of different kinds. With the first two albums I contrubited with many of my past compositions, then we wanted to change the sound a little. Dennis Ward was producing, and he's done a great production job for our last record. I think that we brought a lot of really good music to people with this project. Many people say that I should do one more Sunstorm, but I think that we've done enough, that we said what we had to say. Maybe we could start something different, but I never look back. As far as my solo records, I was ready to do a solo record again, but that's when Rated X came up. We used some of the songs that I wrote for solo for Rated X. I'm not planning to do a solo album for a while 'cause I'm really focused on Rated X.

Joe, thank you so much for sharing your time with me. Please leave a message to all the Italian fans that are going to read this interview.


Mille grazie! Thank you so much for all the love and the support, for everything. It's absolutely true from my heart, I can't thank you enough for all the forty years of support and love. Please continue, I'll never disappoint you, I'm coming to see you in Milano. We're going to have a great time, I'll be there to hug you and to have some conversations with you. Arrivederci, ancora, see you at Frontiers Rock Festival!

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