Blackmore's Night (Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night)
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 21/09/15
Hello Ritchie and Candice, welcome back and congratulations for the new album. This is our third interview, the last tour was simply epic. Is this, in your opinion, one of the best line up you ever had?       

Ritchie: The last two line ups were probably the best.
I read you had some techical problems during the concert Niedernhausen, Ritchie wasn’t no happy about that during the show because of settings of amps, guitar, tunings & more: what exactly happened?

Ritchie: I don’t remember having problems.

Candice: I do. We were backstage waiting to go on, but no one ever came to tell us it was time and that the opening band had finished. After a while we went by ourselves and started the show not realizing it was later than we thought. Then Ritchies instruments were out of tune and he was restricted to playing other songs because 3 different instruments were unplayable due to the tuning. Instead of having the fans sit and wait for him to tune it himself he just handed it back to the guitar tech and would try a different instrument hoping it was tuned right. Then the amp blew up! We had to get out side techs to come fix the equipment. It wasn’t a good night, but that happens sometimes. The show goes on.
Why only 9 gigs this year?

Ritchie: We like a lot of days off and I like to absorb the country side that we are in at the time. I don’t like traveling every day and doing shows every other day. I like to stay fresh and not be tired and do a half hearted show.
Ok let’s talk about the newborn, “All Our Yesterdays”: the cover art is stunning, it reminds to me some of “Lady of Shallot” prints! What does it represent exactly?

blackmoresnight_interv_2015_anl1238_01Ritchie: Not a clue, it was something the record company put together. I had nothing to do with it. I liked the title which Candy came up with but I had no ideas.

Candice: For me it was the reflection of the woman, from modern times, looking back at herself in a time centuries ago where she emotionally and mentally feels like she truly belongs. The red string ties the worlds together.
“All our Yesterdays” is very delicate and touching, with some beautiful pop-covers like “Moonlight Shadow” (it fits perfectly to you), “Long Long Time” and “I Got You Babe”. How and why did you choose this songs?

Ritchie: ‘Cause I didnt like the alternatives which is “Wooly Bully” and “It’s Raining Men”.
Why the decision to remake your classic “Where are we going from here”? There is an intresting violin part inside that reminds me to the song “Past time with good company”, am I right?
Ritchie: You’re right, similar notes.
“Coming Home” is the beautiful song at the end of the full length, is the message similar to the one of the glorious track “Home Again”? Can you tell us something about that?

Ritchie: No, I like every track on the new record except “Coming Home”. That didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. It’s too quiet, it should have been more like an anthem.
The Moon is a main and essential feature Blackmore’s Night discography, but I suppose in real life as well. There are plenty of song and album titles, song lyrics, where the Moon is the main character: is there any particular event or memory related to it?

Ritchie: Yes, I remember the day that America didn’t go the moon in 1969. If they had, there would be Mc Donalds arches all over it.
Candice, what has been your source of inspiration for the lyrics, this time around, apart from the Moon? Any Medieval tale, folklore, or historical event like in the past albums?

Candice: Always, the other side for instance is about the year that we lost many friends that were close to us. Jon Lord, Owain Phyfe, a couple of friends that were fans. Someone Ritchie played with  in the 3 musketeers, my best friends husband…and as hard as that year was we spoke to many people who were left behind in this realm. Yet, as they were healing they would be getting messages from the other side to let their other halves know they had gone on. That song is about a specific instance where the husband who passed on, had an alarm set on his cell that went off two weeks after he died and when his wife went to check what the message was, it said ,"Go outside and look at the blue moon.". I thought that was beautiful that he would always be watching over her. "Will O The Wisp" is about celtic folklore of lights that make their appearance known and lead you through the forest to change your fate.

The title track has one of your usual sources of inspiration, coming from Eastern Europe countries: this time is the turn of Russia. You have Russia origins Candice, is the song “All Our Yesterdays” a tribute to your grand mother?

Candice: Yes and no- not consciously, but then I will review it and find it is relevant in the memory of her. The one that was written specifically for her was "Gone with the Wind", about her escape from Russia and the  pogroms. This one, is more about a personal journey.
Candice, we all knows that your new solo album is ready. Can you tell us something about it?

Candice: It’s called "Starlight Starbright" and is very relaxing melodic music. Some are written by Ritchie and myself, some just by me, one by my daughter when she was 1 ½. There are some covers of songs you wouldn’t think would be lullabies but I recorded with that in mind. I basically did it because I sing to my children each night, so they can relax and go to sleep and a friend  told me she would never sing to her young child because she hated her voice. I thought that was really sad because a child doesn’t care if you sing out of tune, just that it resonates with  you as the parent. So I recorded this for the children, but then when the parents heard it and said that they listen to it after a hard day of work (just to relax to with  a glass of wine), I stopped calling it a lullaby cd, and now just call it music to dream by.
We also read about the forthcoming release of a DVD about the story of Ritchie, can you unveil to me something about that?

Candice: Yes, that comes out in November and it’s great. Lots of stories from Ritchie about his career, lots of footage never seen before and stories behind the stories. There is always so much rumor surrounding Ritchie and books written by people who haven't interviewed him for a book, just interviewed bitter musicians who were fired and are angry with  Ritchie so you don’t get the true story. But now you have not only Ritchie but so many amazing musicians talking about how he influenced them: Brian May, Gene Simmons, Ian Anderson, Jon Lord, the list goes on. It’s a great piece.
Ritchie, you’re considered, among the fans and the press the greatest and most influential guitarist in the world, equal only to Jimi Hendrix. Does it make you proud? Does this burden put you under pressure or you just play and forget about everything?

Ritchie: No, I don’t agree with that at all. Its rather silly. It doesn’t put pressure on me because I have learned long ago to take compliments with a pinch of salt. People will love and hate you at the same time.
Ritchie, if you had never met Candice at the soccer field, do you think you would have pursued Blackmore’s Night musical style anyway?

Ritchie: No.
All Italians Blackmore’s Night fans keep on asking me and asking you when you’ll come back to Italy... I know you’re looking for a trustworthy promoter... But aren’t you penalizing Italian fans, who have been waiting for you for so long?

Ritchie: Can’t penalize the fans if we cant play for them because there is no promoter to put on a good show.
Ritchie, some weeks ago, in a french interview you said you’re thinking about to play 4 or 5 concerts with a Rock band in 2016. Can you confirm that? Blackmore’s Night is still your priority, am I right?

Ritchie: Yes, correct.
Thank you Candice, thank you Ritchie. I’d like you to thank you once again for your time... I ask you to leave a message to your fans, who will read this interview!
Ritchie: Get a good promoter so we can come there, please.

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