Dragonforce (Vadym Pruzanov)
On the occasion of the reissue of the first two Dragonforce albums, "Valley Of The Damned" and "Sonic Firestorm", we got in contact with their keyboard player, Vadym Puzanov, who answered promptly to all our questions. Enjoy your read.
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 22/02/10

Welcome on SpazioRock, Vadym. It’s a real honour to have a chance to talk with you.

No worries man, thank you for having me.

Let’s talk about the new album: can you tell us something about it? Are you working on new songs?

Yes, sure, I’ve been working since the tour ended and basically I’m the only guy who’s taking days off... I've been sitting in my home studio and playing. In fact, think I’m working on song number three, I’m still working on it, nothing is really complete yet. I have some rough ideas, I recorded them and I’m trying some new stuff.

Perfect, in my opinion “Sonic Firestorm” is still your best album and “Through The Fire And Flames”, from “Inhuman Rampage”, is your best song. I have an unpleasant question for you. After “Sonic Firestorm” Dragonforce seemed to focus more on speed than on songwriting. What do you think about that?

I think it’s the way people look at it: I mean, each album tries to take a new direction, to improve, to evolve, in a certain way. In “Inhuman Rampage” we tried to do as much as we could and over the top. A persistent sound, you know, with all the guitar noises. In “Valley Of The Damned”, our first album, we tried to do what we could, catchy and punchy songs and bla bla bla. In “Sonic Firestorm” we brought up some other elements and in the third album “Inhuman Rampage” there was this will to go over the top, and we brought all of those noises and crazy stuff. And .. yeah, the new album “Ultra Beatdown” I think to us it’s the best album we’ve done so far. The songs are much more mature and melodies as well, you know, they just make sense. So we tried to find a balance between what we’ve done in our songs. For us melodies are the main driving force of the songs. On the new album we’re trying to do now, we’re trying to emphasize something, making it somehow more punchy and catchy. Before we had long epic songs, like nine minutes long and right now we’re just experimenting shorter songs, mid tempo songs, that sort of things we haven’t done through the years. Obviously, everyone has his own opinion, “Through The Fire And Flames” is very popular because it’s a “Guitar Hero” (the videogame) song and people got into it. I think every album reflects ourselves.

How did the videogame “Guitar Hero” change your horizons and sales?

Oh, the game really increased our popularity. When it came out more and more people were playing at the videogame, also people that were not necessarily metal fans discovered this song through the game and that was cool, because in the end people simply liked our music and melody straight away, which it was a good way to spread the word about what we do, our songs and the stuff we do. It definitely helped the band, we got popular and we’re a big videogame fans anyway. But it hasn’t change our way of writing, you know, we’re not going to write every song exactly for “Guitar Hero”. We always do what we like and we have our vision on how we want to sound.

dragonforce_intervista_2010_02_01Just out of curiosity: is “Through The Fire And Flames” harder to play live or on the “Guitar Hero” controller?

Uhm, it’s harder to play on the controller. It’s a completely different feeling for someone who plays a real instrument, you know, I’m a keyboardist myself and I play a little bit of guitar as well.. It’s different.

What about the decision to re-release your first and second album? Why was “Valley Of The Damned” the only one to be remixed and re-mastered?

When we released “Valley Of The Damned” we were really upset, because we had to mix it in little time and we were behind deadline, and we didn’t have enough time or money to make a really good mix and master of all tracks. So we ended up releasing the stuff in the best possible way, but we weren’t happy of the result, and even after the release of “Valley Of The Damned” we decided to improve the sound. We learned about new techniques and ways to improve sounds, production, so that everything could sound clearer and better. But now it’s the best moment to release it because we want that album to sound the way we hear it. We brought up a lot of elements and noises people couldn’t hear before, we had enough time to get a better sound which we couldn’t have before because we ran out of time and money. In the long run we won’t have any release soon, we just wanted to give something special to our fans, with some material taken from a live performance never seen before. You know, we’re not just satisfying ourselves with a better sounding album, we wanted to give a gift to our fans.

I think that now “Valley Of The Damned” has the sound that Dragonforce built throughout the years…

Yes, it definitely sounds much better. When we remixed it we thought it had a drowned sound, but we just wanted to make it better. I know people are affectionate with the way it sounded and they have their vision, but I guess that is what we are now.

Which album and which song of Dragonforce would you consider as your personal favourite? Why?

It’s impossible to choose. We’ve been playing for such a long time and each track has its beauty. “Ultra Beatdown” it’s unique and it definitely sounds out, but I like them all it’s impossible for me to say that since each song sounds different to me. As for the last album, there isn’t really a favourite track, except for “Reasons To Live”, which is very cool to play live also for the keyboard solos and different parts and you never get bored. It’s a very dynamic song.

What about a new concert in Italy? Can you tell us something about Dragonforce’s next steps?

The next thing will be releasing a live album, then we’re taking some time off, this year there won’t be any touring at all and about the new album, we will do something next year. You know, we’ve been touring and touring for years and we had only a week break every two months I think. It has been very hard for us. I’m not only speaking for myself, but everybody in the band has a girlfriend , family and friends and they missed everything. We decided to take this year off so that everyone could get a life and spend time with their beloved ones. And after that you just want to make the best album ever. For example, I have already done some tracks for the guys when they will come back from the U.S. Then we can talk about song writing, stuff and ideas and we can do a better album, more catchy and definitely simpler.

Ok, we are looking forward for the next album then! Thank you very much for sharing your time with us. Do you want to leave a message to our ultra-power metal fans?

Oh yeah! Thank you for your support! Check our updates, we’ve done a lot of blogs recently on the Nokia Website. Just go on our website and there will be a link to Nokia Website and we’re doing there a videoblog. There are a lot of updates about ideas, melodies and stuff. Knowing something about the album before it comes out it’s a cool thing for fans eheh! And thank you very much for having me, I was glad. See ya on tour!

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