Caprice (Anton Brejestovski, Inna Brejestovskaya)
On the occasion of the release of Russian ensemble Caprice's new album, we reached leader Anton Brejestovski and his wife Inna Brejestovskaya, the beautiful voice of the band, for a nice chat on the universe of fairies and folk music. Enjoy your read!
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 29/04/10

Hi Anton, hi Inna, here’s Gaetano from Italy. I’m very proud to have an interview with you.

Anton, Inna: Thank you Gaetano, it's a great pleasure!

First of all, congratulations for your last album, “Six Secret Words”, a pretty different release by Caprice. Why you decide to change your “cartoon folk” into an “ethereal & quiet” one?

Inna: It’s always great to have the next album different from the previous ones!

Anton: Actually, it was a commission from Frederic, Prikosnovénie’s manager. One day he offered me to compose an album for relaxation purposes. I thought the idea was great – and here it is!

How did nature inspire such a “relaxing & peaceful” album?

Anton: We always try to ‘make a music photo’ – that is to convert another art form into music, to make a ‘music photograph’ of something which is non-music. And you are right, images of nature were one of the biggest inspirations for this album. When were in Tenerife, on the ocean shore, this January and I listened to Taeris, I thought: “Wow, it’s like being a bird and flying above these endless ocean waves”.

Inna: Trees is another track which is very close to nature. It’s just like a quiet, green forest where time seems to stop.

Anton, nature is the main element in Paganism, Neo Paganism, Neo Druidism and Wicca: what do you think about those wide variety of modern religious movements?

Anton: I think feeling close to the nature is very important to humans. It could be a source of a series of very special and very wonderful states of mind.

Anton, I think you are a crazy composer that lives music with passion and romanticism: do you recognize yourself in these two words?

Anton: It is right. I am passionate. I can be very, very romantic. And yes, I am crazy – hopefully only as far as music goes.

caprice_intervista_2010_02_01Inna, your crystal voice is a pleasure for our ears, how do you manage to sing like that? What allowed you to express yourself in such a clear way? Can you tell us something about your studies?

Inna: First of all, thank you very much! Honestly, I did nothing to develop my voice, I just had it since my early childhood. But I did study music – both at music college and with private vocal coaches, and that contributed a lot into broadening my music horizons and understanding world music heritage.

I have a personal curiosity: what do you think about the band Blackmore’s Night? Do you like their folkloristic approach?

Inna: Yes, I respect them very much! They have a lot of talent, and they know exactly what they are doing. They are very professional, and what they do sounds very sincere.

Anton, I suppose you are an estimator of J.R.R. Tolkien. What do you think about “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by G.R.R. Martin? Did you read them? I think of G.R.R. Martin as the new… J.R.R. Tolkien. Isn’t he?

Anton: Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I don’t know who G.R.R. Martin is. But I will check it out, thanks for telling me!

What is your favourite musical influence in terms of folk music (if you have such an influence, obviously)?

Anton: Our only influences are faeries and elves, but we absolutely love a lot of folk music. I love Salif Keita (thanks to Frederic), Cesaria Evora and recently I discovered an absolutely gorgeous artist from Senegal, Thione Seck.

Let’s return to your brand new album now. How can a person set up his own mind to find the right inspiration and compose such strange and beautiful songs?

Anton: In fact it’s different process for each album. It’s true, an artist needs a source of inspiration – it could be a poem, a person, an event, a painting – anything. For "Six Secret Words" my source of inspiration was very strange – it was Frederic’s email! He simply outlined in his email a plan for the whole album – how many tracks, how long they must be, what music mood should there be. And I just fulfilled in music what he wrote me!

Can you see a bright future for the kind of music you make?

Anton: Yes, we hope that in the future our music will be more popular than it is now. We definitely need more audience than!

What musical activities are you currently working on? Will there be a chance to see Caprice in Italy in the near future?

caprice_intervista_2010_01_01Anton: We are preparing a new album, "Masquerade", which will be in Russian, and which will be totally different from the previous ones, once again. Also, we have been invited to participate in La Nuit des Fées festival in Clisson, which will take place in September, and we hope we will manage to do it. We don’t plan extensive touring, though – so it is not very likely to play a gig in Italy in the near future, but we do plan to resume concert activities sooner or later. So, hopefully, we will come to Italy some day!

Ok, that’s all: thanks a lot for your precious time. I wish all the best for Caprice in the future! I really hope to see you on the road. Please, leave a message for all your Italian fans!

Anton: Last August we visited Venice, Montecatini Terme and Lerici as tourists and we fell in love with your nation and its people. We hope we can meet one day in person and we hope our music will be popular in your country. Many, many thanks!

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