Pretty Maids (Ronnie Atkins)
On the occasion of the release of their new album, "Pandemonium", SpazioRock conducted a nice interview with Ronnie Atkins, singer of Danish hard rockers Pretty Maids. Enjoy it!
Article by Daniele Carlucci - Publish on: 31/05/10

Hi and first of all welcome to SpazioRock. Do you want to introduce us your brand new album "Pandemonium"?

I consider this our best album in maybe 20 years, it’s got all the ingredients a Pretty Maids album should have: good riffs, strong melodies and a great overall sound. We’re very satisfied with it.

I always like to know something about the artwork of an album: who drew "Pandemonium" cover?

The cover was done by a German guy called Kai Brockshmidt and I think he’s done a really nice piece of work.

Keyboard player Morten Sandager by now is a regular member of the band. Has he brought something more in your band, musically speaking? I also mean the song writing contribution.

Morten actually participated in writing to of the songs on the album and besides that he’s been a real treat to the band with great sounds and a good set of ears.

In 1991 Pretty Maids were on the edge of splitting up. But you and Ken Hammer decided to continue, changing the whole rhythmic section. How did you find the motivation to go on even after such a difficult issue for the band, since we are talking about the split of three members?

Well, that was what we wanted to do for all of our life and we had no plans to say this is it back then and we still don’t.


You're a band belonging to the old school. How did it change the way you make music today, compared to 25 years ago?

Well, in fact I don’t think much has changed over the years. We always tried to stick to our roots and play what we originally set out to do. And this new album is probably closer to the 80’s style than ever.

Can you tell me which is the meaning of Pretty Maids symbol, is it a kind of Celtic character? How was it born?

To be honestly I don’t know where it originates from. I think Ken found it some magazine or book some 15 years ago.

During the years almost all Pretty Maids members used pseudonyms as their own names. Why? Is it a Danish tradition?

When we signed with our first record company which was an English one back in '83, they told us to change our names to more internationally sounding names, and  young and naïve as we were, we just did that. Since that we kept them not to cause more confusion.

How’s the hard rock/heavy metal scene like in Denmark right now?

Well, I guess it’s really underground these days.

Can you tell us something about your collaboration with Frontiers Records? The former album date back to 2006: Does it mean that you can peacefully work without any pressure from the label?

Well, personally speaking I participate in doing an album when I feel like doing one and I don’t feel any pressure at all. At the end of the day I believe that’s what gives the best result anyway.

prettymaids_ronnieatkins_intbreakkkkkVisiting your website, I saw a particular and nice thing and I can't help but ask you something regarding that. Among your merchandise you can also buy a dildo. Why is that?

Ha Ha. Well, that was just a joke we did as a gift for the Christmas shows last December. and surprisingly it actually sold quite well. But I don’t expect that we produce more of them though.

Besides music, what are your main interests? Is there anything else that draws your attention?

I love to read and watch all kind of history documentaries, drink good red wine and play tennis.

Ok, that’s all. Thank you for the interview and for your time. Now you can leave a message to your fans and SpazioRock users.

Well, yeah, I hope you’ll enjoy our new album “ Pandemonium “ and to see you live in Italy later this year or next year.

Best regards.

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