Edenbridge (Lanvall)
After trying to reach the goal for so many years, Edenbridge surprised everyone with "Solitaire", a varied, catchy and solid album. We contacted mastermind Lanvall to talk about the band and its new album. Enjoy the interview!
Article by Marco Belafatti - Publish on: 29/08/10
Hi guys, how are you doing? Your new album “Solitaire” has just been released, are you satisfied with it? How's the feedback so far? Honestly, I think this is your best album ever!

Thanks a lot. We are totally happy with the new album and the reaction by the fans and the press is great. We also charted for the first time in Germany which is awesome !

What can you tell us about the title and the artwork of the album? Are they related? Is there a concept behind them?

The cover shows the process of questioning old dogmas and the correlating paradigm shift we are in between. It's about the universal power within us, which has been present down the ages and will exist forever. A diamond connection which is undestroyable. This part in us is unique and is finally shown to advantage in the chain. Like each water drop is unique and forming to the sea in connection with other water drops.

Who wrote the lyrics for this album and what do they talk about?

I wrote all the lyrics on the album. I already talked about the title track, as you can see. “Further Afield” is about a traveler shaping things with just his mental power. “Bon Voyage Vagabond” is about an explorer. He is combining his drive to discover with the heart and soul of a poet. Those are very much the features of Jean-Luc Picard, the captain in Next Generation, a person I can very well identifly with. “Skyline´s End” is a synonym for freedom. It´s a feeling the old mariners had cause they could explore the largeness in their inner self through the largeness of the sea. They were heading for the horizon´s end and felt that this doesn´t exist cause freedom has no limits at all. “Out of this world” is about an outcast, feeling himself like an alien. He is perceiving himself  differently than the rest of the society, which is fighting everything it doesn´t understand. The outcast was shaped into form and is hopeless. He is dreaming about nothing else than being free again. “Higher” is about reaching aims and getting higher and higher. We break our back and fight and don´t recognize when we fight it´s a fight against ourself. If we recognize this we don´t need to fight anymore to get higher in life. To reach this aim is much more valuable than the little goals what we are aiming for normally. “A Virtual Dream?” is about being in a dream and out of place. It´s about fear being part of a machine and the question if everything is just a virtual dream. “Come Undone” is about a magic place of power which we never wanna leave again. In my case it´s the village Serfaus in the Austrian mountains. “Brothers on Diamir” is the story of the Messner brothers, who dared to climb the Nanga Parbat over the rupal face, the highest face on Earth in 1970. They descended over the Diamir face, where Günther was swept away by an avalanche. It was obvious for me that this song has to deal with a mountain drama. The joy at the victory in the wall and the pain at the loss of the own brother are very close together.

edenbridge_intervista_2010_02The songs on the new album seem to be heavier yet much more diverse than the ones on your previous works. We can clearly distinguish some folk, gothic, thrash metal and even electronic influences... Where does your inspiration come from?

This can be a lot things. Being out in the nature is one important one. I love skiing in winter, mountain hiking in summer or just being in the woods. I love movies and of course music itself.
I simply wanted to write excellent songs with no particular intention where to go. I simply let the inspiration flow and see what would come out. This worked perfectly. Edenbridge is a band that can have thrash metal riffs like in “A Virtual Dream?” alongside ambient soundscapes like “Out of this world” without being in the way of each other. The musical universe is such a big cosmos and using this cosmos as an infinite pool of inspiration is the best what can happen to a composer. This is the reason why the album is so varied. "Solitaire" bundles all the symphonic and heavy elements of MyEarthDream and brings in a lot of new aspects into our sound. It is our most atmospheric and melancholic album so far. We continued working with 7string guitars and the symphonic parts have much more richness in detail. The new album only consists of 7string guitars tuned down a half step to Bb. I love writing in the Bb keys cause they have this dark and melancholic vibe. When the orchestra appears it´s most of the time a blast. All in all Edenbridge have never sounded more varied than on Solitaire.

It seems like you're not so much into progressive metal anymore... Am I right? What kind of bands or artists are you currently listening to?

I think we were never a progressive metal band. Maybe progressive in its original meaning, trying out new things. We have always worked with foreign string instruments and world and ethnic music influences. At the moment I love bands like Blackfield, Anathema, Pocupine Tree and Opeth but also my alltime faves Dream Theater, Marillion, Symphony X and many more.

It also seems like Sabine's way of singing has radically changed. Was it planned?

Really ? I don´t think her way of singing changed, it progressed a lot. . I have to say that not many singers in the metal scene have her depth in the voice, she can be recognized by the first tone she sings. Her range is simply astonishing and I can write in all keys, so this doesn´t limitate the songwriting at all, which is absolutely great !

In your opinion, which are the most the representative songs on this album and why?

“Higher” stands for the catchy side of the band. “Skyline´s End” for the world music influences. “Solitaire” for the metal and symphonic side. “Out of this world” for the smooth and balladesque side and “Brothers on Diamir” for the epic side !

You recently shot a video for your song “Higher”. What's the meaning of the two knights fighting against each other and discovering that they are just the same person?

edenbridge_intervista_2010_03The main idea for the concept came to Sabine´s mind when she meditated over my lyrics and everything grew during the process of developing the story. Timor, the actor who performed the fighter in the video contacted her during this process, after they didn’t see each other for nearly four years. He wanted to know how she is and Sabine considered his e-mail as a gift from heaven. He was totally happy when she told him of the video idea. Timor and his friend Martin did a really great job. We had a lot of fun on the days of shooting.

What about your future plans: are you going to tour this summer? Will you come to Italy?

We would love to play in Italy again but unfortunately there are no tour plans for the moment in Europe. Next thing planned are 3 shows in Indonesia in November where we currently did a promo tour.

Ok, thank you so much for this interview! Would you like to leave a message to your italian fans and all our readers on SpazioRock?

Thanks to all our Italian fans for your great support over the years! Check out Solitaire! Thanks for the interview.

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