Hardcore Superstar (Magnus "Adde" Andreasson)
SpazioRock had a pleasant interview with Magnus "Adde" Andreasson, drummer of swedish band Hardcore Superstar, on the occasion of the new brilliant album "Split Your Lip" release. Enjoy it!
Article by Daniele Carlucci - Publish on: 12/11/10

Hi Adde, first of all: welcome to SpazioRock. I was lucky enough to get "Split Your Lip" already and I wore it out! I loved it since the first listening and I think it is a fantastic album, which shows a mature band with a personal sound. I also found in it a couple of potential super-hit; I'm talking about songs like "Sadistic Girls" and "Moonshine" and the amazing ballads "Here Comes The Sick Bitch" and "Run To Your Mama". What can you tell me about "Split Your Lip"? What are the main differences with "Beg For It"?

We recorded this album live in five days without a click track. That gave "Split You Lip" a human touch that I just love. We did not produce it ourselves, Tobbe Lindell came in with his warm and nut personality and lifted it up. We had such a good time and it didn´t feel like we were working at all. By far the easiest album we´ve made so far.

Why did you chose "Split Your Lip" as a title for the record? What is its meaning and what is the message you want to communicate?

I went to see a hockey game with some friends and I got excited when a little fight broke out on the ice. The song is about that and I wrote it during the game. "Split your lip" is something you say when you´ve punched someone in the face. We wanted the album to sound like a punch in the face or the sound of the neighbors fighting.

Drummers are usually not so involved in lyrics songwriting. What was your contribution on it? Could you tell me about the lyrics of "Split Your Lip"?

All songs are about us. I see a lot of things when we´re on tour and we meet a lot of interesting people. I get inspired to write about them and what we go thru in life. I also like to write about relationships, it can get pretty tense.

The two ballads I mentioned before "Here Comes The Sick Bitch" and "Run To Your Mama" amazed me. Especially “Run To Your Mama” is a very touching song. Is it dedicated to someone?

It´s about two persons that are close to me. I wrote my feelings down first for myself and it wasn´t so much meant to be a song. It´s about how frightening the future can be, especially when you´re breaking up with someone and losing a friend at the same time.

Did you plan the tour to support the album? Will you play in Italy during the tour?

We´re going to Italy in February/March hopefully. We start with a small club tour in Sweden around Xmas.

adde_hcss2010int_break1In the early 2008 Thomas Silver left the band, and Vic Zino replaced him. What had changed in your songwriting? Is it the way you compose music different now?

We gained a songwriter and a hard working man. Me and Martin wrote pretty much everything before but Vic´s writing a lot too. There´s no difference in our style but we´ve been able to record this album live because we all stayed and practiced our asses off in the studio.

By the way, I think that in last records you lead your sound in a specific hard rock direction, with some sleaze and street metal features. And in my opinion this is the perfect way for you, because Hardcore Superstar is unique in playing this kind of music nowadays. Connecting with the previous question, how was important Vic Zino style in giving up some of thrash influences?

It feel like everyone wants to do what we do now. We don´t have to discuss it.

You are from Gothenburg, and as you know Sweden is one of the most prolific country for hard n' heavy music bands. What is the magic of Gothenburg and of Sweden in general? Today is like the "Music Helldorado"!

If only i knew…but I don´t. Gothenburg is interesting now because we have so many styles here as well but I don´t know why.

What about your involvement in "Sex Tips From Rock Stars" book? Do you have any funny story about it?

Haha! We played a couple of shows in Australia when this guy Paul Miles approached me. He told me that he´d heard some stories about me and wanted to interview me for this book. It´s all fun and should´t not be used as a sexual guide..Hahaha!

Adde, you reached the worldwide success with Hardcore Superstar and I guess you realized many dreams. But is there anything particular that you desire? Do you have a secret wish you haven’t realized yet?

I´m looking for a Mercyful Fate T-shirt. I´ve been looking on e-bay but no luck. Except that shirt I´m a satisfied dude..hehe.

Hardcore Superstar is a crushing band on stage and for sure this was the key of your success. Did you write "Split Your Lip" songs thinking about how you could play them live? I know that you love life on-the-road. If they would ask you: "if you want, you can stop making album and you can keep on playing around the world forever", what would you answer?

I love the contrast of the studio and the life on the road. I love the insanity that comes with touring and when we´re in the studio we get focused and don´t party so much. All fun stories come from tours but the satisfaction from writing a song is like a drug. You gotta have both.


Which are the drummers who influenced you the most? And who are your favourite nowadays?

I like Keith Moon of course and I also love Dave Lombardo. Today my favorite drummer is Stevie Wonder. No kidding. His feel is fantastic.

Are you still in touch with your friend Thomas Silver? What did he do after the split-up with the band?

We talk more today than when he was in the band. He quit because he wanted to be with his wife and he was tired of the whole music scene then. Nowadays he´s writing songs for his own band and it sounds like Lou Reed a bit. It´s good.

You have already played live some song coming from the new album. How did the fans welcome them?

They loved them. I read on Facebook that they thought it sounded more sleazy now and more like the "old HCSS".

Ok Adde, that’s all. Thank you very much for your time and for the interview. Now you can leave a message to all your fans and SpazioRock readers. Thank you!

Stay out of trouble and don´t give any booze to a guy from Sweden!!!

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