Amorphis (Niclas Etelavuori)
"The Beginning Of Times" is the new album by the Finnish metal band Amorphis. On the occasion of its release, SpazioRock got the chance to reach the bass guitarist of the band, Niclas Etelävuori. In spite of the fact that this musician is not very talkative, something really hot popped out from our interview. Enjoy it!
Article by Davide Panzeri - Publish on: 30/05/11
Hello, welcome to SpazioRock. First of all, how are you in Finland?

We are doing good, spring is finally here. At the moment, we are prepairing for the summer. We have a lot of festivals coming up.

First classic question about the new album: are you always the same Amorphis we used to listen to with “Skyforger”? What's new in this work?

I think the more we play the better we get. This album is another result of that, I think our songs have developed and the whole arrangement. It’s still Amorphis, but some of the songs have things we didn’t use before.

“The Beginning Of Time”: what time are you talking about?

Väinämöinen is the main character in Kalevala who’s born from the egg of a Golden eye. That’s the story of the creation of everything, the Beginning Of Times.

Unfortunately, while I’m writing, I could only listen to two songs: "I Need You" and  "My Enemy". They sound beautiful to me, but aren’t you afraid of people starting to say that you're repeating yourself?

By now we’ve done 10 studio albums, we are lucky we still get ideas. I don’t really care about that kind of talk, I think a band is more about it’s style in the long run.

“Magic & Mayhem - Tales From The Early Years” was released about one year ago. How was received by your fans? Tell us, what this album means to you?

Some people thought it was pointless and some really liked it. The whole idea was to do an anniversary compilation, but since there already was two of them from 10 years ago we wanted to make it at least a bit special. I really like it, because it sounds like we play them live.

Always talking about that album, how did you decide to film the show in Oulu and not in Helsinki (your hometown)? Is it true that the Finns are colder than their European counterparts?

The venue in Oulu was better for filming and the crowd there is great too. The Finns just need a bit more alcohol to get warm.

Any tour project?

We start doing festivals this summer and a club tour will follow after that. New dates are being announced little by little, so you better check our website for more info.

Amorphis has often changed their genre over the years. Now it seems that  you’ve finally found your dimension and the success that you deserve. Will you keep following this road or you will reinvent yourself one more time?

It’s impossible to say, maybe the winds of change will blow on us some day. We’re not planning that long in advance, we write whatever comes to us at that time.


Tell us some of your favorite Finnish metal bands?

Ghost Brigade, Swallow The Sun, Children Of Bodom…

What kind of relationship do you have with your families? You always play for long periods around the world, and you don’t come back home quickly, are they happy about that??

They are used to it by now, there’s really no option.

Are you able to play music for a living, or do you have other jobs?

At the moment everyone is doing music only. So when we are home we can stay home.

If you didn’t play in Amorphis, in which group would you be?

Any good group I hope. I like to jam with anyone and like a lot of different styles so any good band will do.

Have you ever thought of using your previous logo in your artworks? Why did you change it?

We are using it on merchandise still. The old logo represents the death metal era and the new logo to not so death metal era.

Does music piracy affect you a lot? By now, you are no longer a small band, so, how do you fight it? By the way, what’s your relationship with modern Internet and social networking? I see you use Facebook to keep your fans updated (me included)…

I guess it does, how much it’s hard to say. Social media is a great way for bands to get their stuff across to the fans and interact with them. On a personal level I don’t social network that much.

Ok, thank you for the interview and your time. Would you like to say something to our readers and your Italian fans?

Thank you for you support, I hope to see you on the tour.

Dukes Of The Orient - Freakshow

Deep Purple - Whoosh!

Arctic Rain - The One

Black Rose Maze - Black Rose Maze

Ramos - My Many Sides

Broadside - Into The Raging Sea