Miami Horror (Benjamin Plant)
Fascinated by the first record of the Australian band Miami Horror, I couldn't help but reaching the guys in order to ask them a few questions. Here's what the band wanted to share with SpazioRock, enjoy the reading!
Article by Fabio Rigamonti - Publish on: 24/08/11

Let's start immediately with a question about your first record! “Illumination” was born while you were on the road, is it right? How did the road inspire you to record this album?

It wasn't really born while we were on the road, it was all recorded at home; we find it extremely hard to produce and write on the road. We started touring heavily after its release but we kept to Australia while making the album. Although it was inspired mostly by European influences as that's what I was listening to at the time.

The title is “Illumination”, so what kind of “illumination” do you think people would pass through while listening to your music?

We tried to make the album a journey through a range of styles, genres and emotions. Listen to the second half in the dark!

You've worked with Alan Palomo for this record, how did you get in touch with the man?

I knew him for years, we'd collaborated on the EP briefly and had planned to collaborate a bit more in the future.

Listening to your music, I can't help but thinking about some kind of reincarnation of the French electronic scene of ten years ago, first Daft Punk and Air mainly... Do these names sound a bell to you? Are they an inspiration for your music?

Yes, they were important in the early days in influencing my approach to dance music.  Daft Punk and Air are very creative groups that brought a new approach to their genres.

There's also a strong soul, funky and rock vibe in your music: where do they come from?

Everything we've listened to over the years, too big of a mix to name. We are just all very open to different types of music.



Benjamin, you are the main composer in Miami Horror, so how do the other guys help you in the songwriting process?

By adding vocal melodies, lyrics guitar sounds, any good ideas are always used. Aaron helped out with a second opinion on production during the final stages and also in creating a lot of the sounds in the interludes.

Why did you choose Miami Horror as a name for your band, by the way?  

I liked the contrast of the two words and thought it represents the feel of the music I intended to make.

Do you think you will reach us in Europe -perhaps even in Italy - for one of your concerts in the future?

Yes, we'll definitely be stopping by, as far as I know this will possibly be in October.

What is the thing about your country that makes you proud to be Australians?

The well balanced lifestyle. We have a good mix of weather, space, culture, technology... Surprisingly, although we haven't developed traditions over many years like other countries, we feel the influence derived from European cultures and now Asia is strong enough to hold a good balance. Although it seems we are slowly being influenced more and more by America, which is not a good thing...

Is there any other young band from your neighborhoods you'd like to suggest us?

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