Destruction (Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer)
Last December Spaziorock had the chance to spend some minutes with vocalist and bassist Schmier from Destruction. Here's some behind the scenes from the band, which gives us some hints of what they are preparing for the fans in the next future!
Article by Eleonora Muzzi - Publish on: 05/02/12
Welcome to Italy! So, how’s the tour going?

It’s going really good, the atmosphere is great, there are some really great bands together. The shows are packed with people. You released the new album, “Day Of Reckoning” earlier this year. Last March, if I am correct. Yeah, last March.

It was really a “back-to-the-roots” album, did the fans appreciate it?

Yeah, reactions were good. Actually we had the best reactions since “The Antichrist”. People appreciated all the Destruction trademarks, the thrash attitude, the back-to-the-roots sound. The last albums were a little bit different, so it was good to hear that people liked it. Someone has to do something different in between, before going back to the roots, but we have always been a thrash band.

Yeah, there’s this punk attitude, hardcore side, so I can’t wait to hear the songs live! I saw you at Metalcamp in 2009 and you blew me away!

It’s not the right night, tonight! It’s all about thrash classics! But we’ll be back with those new tracks. The next album is going to be pretty brutal, too. We’ve got a new drummers who’s able to play all the stuff we want. You’re going to hear him tonight.

So, are you already working on a new album?

We’re about to write new songs and next year we’re going to hit the studio. It’s going to be late summer.

The fans are going to be glad to hear this!

Yes, basically we make albums every two years. This year we’re only playing live shows, we prefer staying at home to write new material.

What really strikes me about your band are the lyrics. They usually are angry, thrashy, like in the ‘80s… How do you manage to write them?

It’s easy, just look at politics and politicians! We see what happens around us, we travel a lot, so we see a lot and we bring what we see into our lyrics. Third World countries, we talk to a lot of people. We see the problems in Germany and also what’s happening here in Italy.

This is something different from US thrash metal...

We’ve always had a punk influence within the band and we want to keep it, we want to write about what’s going on in the world, what we see. We’re fighting against the very same shit in the world. Our lyrics keeps fans united and they give them hope.

destruction_intervista_2012_02Have you ever thought of doing a “Three Kings Tour”, like Big 4, but with Sodom, Kreator and Destruction?

Yeah, sure! Actually we’ve been talking about that for some years now. We did it some years ago, but we think that now it’s the right time, since we’re close to the “30 years of German Thrash” Anniversary. It’s not only up to us, but it’s also up to Sodom and Kreator. But it will happen next year or in 2013.

Something like that happened at MetalCamp in 2009, where Destruction, Kreator and Sodom played in the same festival, but in different days! But I remember people saying they would love to see this “Three Kings Tour” happening.

Yeah, everybody would love to see this tour happening, no matter if it’s in Indonesia, or Brazil, or Australia. I think this is the right time, let’s hope this is going to happen. I am fighting for it!

How did the showbiz changed in these 30 years?

Of course many things have changed in the business, but you also try to learn from your mistakes, you try to find the label that fits you best. Of course the problem is the download, it’s hard to make money on record sales. On the other hand, in the ‘80s you didn’t have the chance to tour that much. We’ve been almost everywhere, except for Arabian countries, where’s so hard to play. We couldn’t do that in the ‘80s, that was impossible. Now it’s better, because Europe is much more united and it’s easier to tour for us, but it’s also easier for the fans, because they can see more often the band they love.

Now, a question about the new drummer: how is it working with him?

It’s very good! He’s a very tight and precise drummer, it makes the band even tighter. Besides, he’s a very good guy: he knows how to drink, how to party, he’s a very professional guy. The chemistry in the band is really better than before and this is good when we have to play together, when we tour, when we write new material.

I wanted to ask you something about Head Hunter. Are you going to work on that big project?

Yeah, you ask me about this all the time, sometime next year. There’s some material ready, but we have to see if the other guys can still work with us, sometime next year there’s a chance to work on that again.

Let’s talk about thrash metal nowadays: do you think that it has changed in the years?

There are a lot of young band coming out, not all of them are original, some of them are trying to make something unique. You can’t go on repeating yourself. You have to take the best parts and make them your own, you have to find your own identity. In some years, band like Destruction and others are going to stop, so let’s see what will be left of the thrash scene, but I think there are some good bands. I like Evile a lot, they are currently my favourite.

Thank you for your time and patience, I hope you’ll have a great show.

Thank you, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

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