Mastodon (Brann Dailor)
SpazioRock had the pleasure to meet Brann Dailor, Mastodon drummer, before the show in Milan on January 26th. Enjoy the interview!
Article by Alberto Battaglia - Publish on: 14/02/12

Hello Brann. Welcome to SpazioRock.

Thank you.

I can hear in “The Hunter” a more expressive freedom: is it because “The Hunter” is not a concept album?

I guess so. The songs are a bit different this time because it's not a concept album. We didn't need the lyrics to be a concept. We write the music first, then the lyrics and we see if they fit.

After the depth of “Crack the Skye” this last album seems easier to listen, but maybe harder to judge. What about it?

Hard to judge? I don’t know, I guess it depends on the judge (laughs). I don't know, I quite like it. I personally love “Crack The Skye” as well, but I have been playing it for two years and this album is really what we needed, we wanted to change it up, we want to make a different album.

I think you’re having more fun in playing it, aren’t you?

Yeah, we have a lot more fun, as it was easier to make and easier to create. We usually created our albums in a very stressful environment for itself, so it’s a very stressful situation. But this time around, at that moment, we wanted to do something different.

Mastodon average listener is open minded, but what would you say to anybody who still likes the "Remission" era, who wants something more violent and aggressive?

Sorry? (laughs) That's what I'd like to say! What I’d say would be “Sorry that you want something more violent and aggressive!”. There’s this illusive, extremely heavy record that people really want an aggressive record. But if we were to fabricate something based on what people wanted to hear, and then that record came out, then that wouldn’t came from our hearts and souls. So, even if they got that kind of heavy record, I still don't believe they'd like it. I don’t get why people still want that kind of record. We just want to do what we honestly like and we want to follow the flow of ideas as naturally as we can, and we hope that people who just follow us for this reason are more than that other kind of people. I don't want to start making music basing on what I think people want to hear. What’s important today is to stay true to yourself while making music.




Have you ever imagined this evolution in your sound?

I mean, we knew what we are capable of, if you know what I mean. We all listen to many different kinds of music and it’s funny and surprising when a “fucked” part comes out in our music. And there are other welcome surprises, especially when people hear that part and say: “Wow! What’s that?”. Where does that come from? We weren't expecting it though, we knew where we could get, but we didn't expect it. We always had it there, that's what came out of it! They don't know what kind of music we deal with, they don't know what kind of ideas we have.

Through your career vocals became more important, but we must say that vocals performance often are not at the same level as the instrumental performance. What do you think about that?

We really worked hard on this, as much as we could. I think at the moment we got at a really good place. Right now, vocally, we’re in the best shape, both vocally and instrumentally, we’ve ever been. We’ve been struggling with the making of “Crack The Skye” and I know it’s quite difficult to follow the music while on stage and singing over the instruments. But we’re working on that and I think that right now the result it’s pretty good. I think it sounds great, not worse or better than anyting else we've done.

Many musical critics consider you as one of the few bands that brings something new and who are able to evolve and amaze their audience. What do you think about that?

It’s that I don’t care about it, but it’s that I don’t really think about that, actually. But I am happy that they think that. We just do what we can and we try to do something different when we have the chance. I am glad that this comes across.

In these last moments, we usually give you a chance to say something to your fans and followers.

Thank you, fans! Thank you, thank you so much for supporting us throughout the years. We love you. Mastodon loves you.

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