Cannibal Corpse (George Fisher)
We dared the snow that last February covered Italy and we met with George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher on the Italian date of the FullOfHate Festival. Come with us and unveil some details of the new album "Torture" and the life on-the-road of Cannibal Corpse.
Article by Eleonora Muzzi - Publish on: 28/04/12
Hi, it’s nice to meet you! How are you?

Fine, fine, we're all fine. A bit tired but fine!

You’ve got a new album coming out, I heard one of the songs on YouTube the other day, and I think it’s the classic Cannibal Corpse song.

Which one? “Demented Aggression”?

Yeah, “Demented Aggression”.

We’re playing it tonight.

Can you talk about it? Just to introduce it.

It’s definitely back to the old-school. It’s basically fast, back to basics album for us. I know that anyone who listens to Cannibal Corpse likes fast songs, but there are also some slow songs, we’re playing a couple of them tonight, that sound good, for us. But you know, some people want the speed, some people want slower stuff. But in general, I think that this album covers all of that.

How’s the tour going?

Awesome! All the bands are great, we’ve toured with Legion Of The Damned before, Behemoth as well a few times. We know the guys personally, we get along with them. It’s all going great, we have two long drives ahead, that sucks, but other than that, it’s going great. And, it’s pretty cold here…

You missed the snowstorm!

I don’t mind the snow, but it’s difficult for driving. It makes a 10-hour-drive a 12-hour-drive or even worse.

I wonder if you can tell me something more about the themes of the new album?

Torture is pretty much the theme. Taking people and make them suffer. The songs, for the most part, are about that.

I read that you don’t want to write lyrics for the band, you said something like that the other guys write the lyrics and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Yeah, it’s not that I couldn’t write or nobody wanted me to write lyrics, it’s just that, I mean, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”: it’s perhaps the best term to say it. I have no problem in singing the lyrics, I have no problem with anything they’ve written. I never had the interest to write…

You like it this way.

cannibalcorpse_intervista_2012_02Yeah, I like it this way, and if I feel like writing a bunch of songs in the next record, I will do that. As this moment, I don’t have this motivation to do so. The other guys are getting better and better at writing stuff, they’ve been good writers for a while. Later this year I am doing a side band and I am going to record an album and I am going to write all the lyrics. That’s where I’d probably prefer writing lyrics.

What’s the craziest thing you had to sing?

(thoughful) Well, our lyrics have definitely some crazy stuff! I don’t know, on stage I’m definitely more serious, I don’t think about screwing up lyrics. I mean, we take our songs seriously, we take our writing seriously, not what they’re actually saying. You may laugh at some song titles, that are just brutal, you don’t laugh at the song, but at the title, that is just so over the top that you may laugh about it.

Have you ever thought about making a movie about one of your songs or an album, or something like that?

None has ever asked us about it, so you never know: Hollywood needs somebody with some fresh ideas. Obviously, our songs have certain themes, which is horror and gore. You can use the songs or what’s happening in the songs for movies.

In the past, you had some problems with censorship and stuff like that, do you still have problems or you got over with them?

In Germany this album, “Evisceration Plague”, is banned now. We can play older songs, but not that album. It’s ridiculous, Germany always comes up with this kind of problems. They also censor the movies a lot, it’s something we cannot control, it’s out of our hands, so we don’t play these songs.

I don’t think that any of your fans would come to a concert and start killing people...

Yeah, I don’t know what these people have in mind when they cut movies and ban some songs.

You’ve been on the road for more than 20 years, as a band. What has changed if you think at the beginning?

In the music scene many things have changed, most of all for the Internet. Music is more accessible: if you hear a new band now, you go on MySpace, you go on Facebook, on YouTube. So, that’s one big thing that has changed. Touring wise, Cannibal Corpse has become a bigger band and that sometimes made things easier, but sometimes not. Things have improved in some ways, but in other things it never changed, but for me, what really changed the music scene was Internet. Nowadays you don’t have to go to the studio to make an album, you can do that at home with all the tools. Technology definitely changed the music scene. People who download music just don’t realise that bands are making a living out of it. It doesn’t matter if two people download the album, it does matter if there are other 20,000. These are thousands of dollars taken out of people’s pockets. But that means that we can’t tour that much, we got to stay at home... People think that this is all glitz and glamour. No it’s not like that. It would be great, none would complain, but... Yeah, we know other bands, we have good times and parties, we have fun, but it’s not in the way people think it is. They think we are rich and we throw money around, but that’s not true.

Do you still play World Of Warcraft?

Yeah, I still play World Of Warcraft, and last year I went to Blizzcon. I sang onstage at Blizzcon and I sang “The Power Of The Horde” with Level 80 Tauren Chieftain (a band made by Blizzard workers involved in the development of World Of Warcraft). But I haven’t been playing in two or three weeks. When I am at home, I have more time and I can play a lot more.

Would you change faction for the love of your life?

No. Never. I'D NEVER CHANGE! Listen, “You love me? You're Horde”! “You don't love me? You're Alliance). Alliance is for girls, excuse me, no offence meant. The Horde is for metalheads. We're ugly and proud!

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