Tarja (Tarja)
Energetic, charming, highly discussed. These are just a few adjectives that might come to mind when we think of Tarja Turunen, and probably the ones that best describe the current stage of the Finnish singer's career. On the heels of her first live album, which has been just released by earMUSIC, we got in touch with her for a quick view on present and future projects.
Article by Luca Ciuti - Publish on: 27/09/12

“Act I” is your first live solo album. Why did you deicide to release it now?

After two studio albums, over two hundred shows and with the experience I already have, it seemed natural to come up with the live release now.

The tracklist covers your whole career: the Nightwish era, your solo records, covers and side projects.  Don’t you think it sounds a little "mixed-up"?

Actually I am very happy with the song selection that I made for "Act I". I wanted both of my albums to be well presented on my first live release. Also, I wanted people that have not heard about me before or haven’t been at my shows, to experience what my show is about. "Act I" is a perfect example of it.

Tracks inspired by opera sound like those in which you best express yourself, while ’80 songs sound more like a tribute. Do you agree?

Covers are always covers and so far the covers I have recorded and performed at my shows have mainly been from the 80´s. I love singing them and having fun with my audience. I chose those songs to be part of my live set because I feel they are giving a different mood to my show. In general I love the music from 80's. But I am classically trained soprano, so of course the songs that have more to do with the classical music are vocally more interesting for me to sing. They represent my voice better than the cover songs that were not written by me nor for my voice.

tarja_intervista_2012_02I was struck with “Tired Of Being Alone”, written with German productor Schiller. How did you start this partnership?

I wrote this song together with Schiller. It was the first song I ever wrote with someone else and I really liked the collaboration. I love the song and it has been a great success. Schiller got in touch with me through the record company Universal and asked me to work with him.

Have you ever considered a full-length album with a male voice, like “Kiske – Somerville”?

It isn’t really on my plans.


In 2011 you took part in “Paulho Coelho Day” with an unreleased song inspired by his works. How did it start?

Paulo Coelho’s books have been a big inspiration to me in writing songs. I got in touch with him already some years ago and we have kept in touch ever since. I wrote a song for one of my side projects called "Outlanders" and used some lines from his books for it with his permission. This song was presented in a book release event in Finland.  

Your business is actually focused on South America. Did you get some suggestions from your husband?

Well, actually my business is not at all focused on South America, but in Europe instead. Of course I also love South America and the continent will always be part of my tours. I live in Argentina and work with my husband, so we are planning things together.

Any future plans for the Harus project?

I am going to have three concerts with Harus in December in Finland. We also have a studio album from new material in our future plans.

Despite of a band, a solo career gives much more possibilities to explore new paths. Don’t you think you could wrongfoot your fans?

I really don’t think so. There are several crossover artists existing in the world of music today, so I am not the only artist who does several kinds of musical projects. My fans are fully aware of my broad and dynamic range of work and they enjoy themselves the fact that there is always something new to expect from me.


tarja_intervista_2012_03In 2011 you gave a press conference at Summer Breeze Festival after being rewarded withe the gold disc for “My Winter Storm” in Germany. There you talked about the strong partnership between you and Mike Terrana. Any plans for the future?

We have a project called “Beauty and the Beat” together with Mike and with this project we are starting our world tour in April 2013. We are going to visit some European and South American countries.

In the same venue you talked about your passion for diving. How it was born?


I wanted to try it out together with my husband many years ago when we were on our holiday trip in Thailand. We made the first open water diver course there and fell in love with the underwater world. The ocean has always been a great inspiration to me as an artist and I have also wanted to explore what lies underneath the surface, so that was the reason behind my scuba diving hobby.


Thank you for the interview, please leave a message to all your Italian fans!


Thank you for the love and support. I hope to see you all very soon again on my new album tours! You know: always there for me, always here for you.

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