Dragonforce (Herman Li)
Here we are once again with Dragonforce's leader Herman Li; his band is ready to land to Italy for a series of gigs that the fans shouldn't miss out. Enjoy our interview!
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 09/11/12
Hi guys and welcome to SpazioRock. Are you ready to rock in Italy?

Hello! Yes, totally! It’s been a while since we played Italy, three years!

It might be early to start talking about making another new record, but we are curious to know whether you have started collecting new riffs and ideas…

Actually yes, Sam came to my place in July and we started to work on some songs! We seem to work well together and after five days we already have... five songs! They might change a little so I won’t tell you how it sounds like right now but yes, we do have riffs and ideas for the next album!

Do you prefer writing down new material while on tour or when you are at home or in the rehearsal room?

I write stuff all the time. Yesterday I was on the plane from Tokyo to Munich and I spent some time on my iPad recording some ideas. It can be just 30 seconds, a few chords and a melody, or a whole song... I always have music in my head. It’s easier at home because I've got my recording computer, different guitars, keyboards...

Any chance to see a Live DVD or Blu-Ray in the near future? Maybe a Live In Italy?

Not at the moment, but we film stuff very often, so who knows! First, we need to finish this tour alive. I would like to do a live in Italy. A live in each country would be nice actually!

What can you tell us about the reception of "The Power Within" worldwide? Any interesting reaction from the fans all around the world?

People seemed to really enjoy our new record. It was of course a little scary because we have a new singer etc, but yeah, they like Marc’s voice which is a really good thing! Our fans also enjoyed the fact that there’s diversity on this album! So all in all, very very positive feedback!

dragonforce_intervista_2012b_02What do you think of symphonic elements in power metal records? Have you ever considered changing your formula a little bit?

Well we did change our formula on the new album, even though it came naturally, as opposed to all sit down and go like “alright, we need to do this, not that..”... It all came naturally! As for symphonic elements, when they are done correctly, with enough musical knowledge, it is of course very interesting; I like the work of Symphony X or Rhapsody when it comes to symphonic stuff.

Did you change anything in your writing process since Marc Hudson joined the band?

Not really, no. When he joined, most of the stuff was already written. But yes, we now write things with his voice in mind, so it does influence our way of composing I guess.

Have you thought anything particular for the upcoming tour? Any special gift for the italian fans?

Expect to hear songs from the new album, an intense show, we play better than before, and we also love to hang out after the show so we can chat and have a drink or two with our fans!

What is the strangest thing that happened to you during all these years while playing around the world?

Well... a LOT of strange things happen all the time. It’s hard to point one in particular. Let me think... We had fans following us on our Japanese tour, they would come with us to the train station, so we get on the train, wave at them, and when we arrive in the next city, at the hotel, they are already there, waiting for us! How the hell did they manage that, I don’t know. Strange.

What's the biggest change you've noticed in so many years? I mean inside the band, as well as in concerts and in the musical scene in general.

Inside the band, probably being more professional. As for the rest... I guess an easy access to recording solutions made the music what it is nowadays. It has its pros and cons.

dragonforce_intervista_2012b_03Have you noticed a band you think it's worth mentioning? And what would you suggest to someone who wants to start a serious carreer in music?

We played in UK with a band called The Defiled, they are really good. Also Huntress are amazing, melodic and evil. My advice to someone who wants to become a musician... Never give up, it’s tough, maybe it’s never gonna work, but you will never know if you don’t try! Practice, listen, create, play!

The best moment in your carreer? How many fans you increased when the videogame Guitar Hero was released?

Each time we play Japan it’s magic. I can’t pic only one best moment, there are so many! Travelling, performing, meeting new people... Everything is just a real pleasure, a real chance! I feel gifted! As for fans due to Guitar Hero... some stayed, some moved on. I don’t really count our fans, haha! I guess we won some fans yes, some at the same time left because they thought we were sell-outs, so I guess its a nice balance!

Last words are yours! Thank you for the interview… see you in Milan! We have a special meet & greet for Italian Dragonforce fans with you!!

Grazie mille!! See you there, looking forward to meeting our fans in Italia!

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