Pretty Maids (Ronnie Atkins)

Following the fresh release of “Motherland” & waiting for the summer festival season to begin, Danish hard-rockers Pretty Maids took some time to take a closer look at their latest work with us, as well as their future plans. Enjoy!

Article by Chiara Frizza - Publish on: 10/05/13

Hello guys, and congrats for your freshly released album,  it sounds really interesting and it seems it’s been well welcomed in Denmark and Europe too!


Thank you! Yeah I must say it’s had a fantastic reception so far !!! All over in fact, so I assume that we must have done something right.


“Motherland” sounds like a more melodic version of Pandemonium. Am I right? Was it supposed to sound like this or did you have something different in mind?


Well to begin with, we knew that “ Pandemonium “ would be a tough one to follow ! But from day one we just decided that we wouldn’t try to copy “Pandemonium” and just try to write whatever kind of ideas that came to us. We didn’t really had any specific intentions with it, apart from recording a good Pretty Maids album and do it as good as we could.


What is your favourite song from “Motherland”, and why?


Well I actually like a lot of stuff on the album, many of the songs has a life in their own right, you know! I like the diversity of the material and the slightly darker / melancholic side it has to it. But if I should name one or two it would probably be “ The Iceman” and “Mother Of All Lies”.


Late spring last year you all gathered up to write the new album. What can you tell us about the writing process?


Well we did it sort of when we did “Pandemonium” ! We did these “rock camps“ where we all gathered and tried things out ! Ken and I also did some writing sessions together as in the old days, just the two of us and two acoustic guitars. Besides that, we wrote on our own and send the ideas to each other. But these days we ‘re sort of spread out all over Europe, so day to day rehearsals are different to set up, it takes planning. But the main part was written between April and July last year! Two songs, “Motherland” and “Infinity”, were penned in the studio.


And what about your studio experience? You teamed up once again with Jacob Hansen who took care of the production. Was the production process smooth? What about Jacob’s attitude, was it different than when you worked on “Pandemonium”?


Jacob was just as easygoing as we were when we did “ Pandemonium “. But the difference this time was that we knew each other and I guess that was an advantage ! But once again it was a pleasure working with him, there’s a great chemistry between us and we had a lot of laughs.


You were recording and meanwhile touring during the weekends. Was this stressful? Has the touring somehow influenced the recordings?


Well, at some point I really felt I was a little stressed ! ‘Cause we were recording in three different studios at more or less the same time, because of our touring schedule. So at times I felt that I/we lost the overview on the whole thing. In the end we managed to get the puzzle together and the end result became “ Motherland”.




In September 2012 you played in the US for the first time ever. Anything worth sharing about this experience?


Well it was definitely a great gig !But then again, it wasn’t really any different from any other Pretty Maids live performance I guess ! Besides the fact that it was our first gig on American soil ever. How strange it must sound though, after a 32 year old career.


You also had two shows in Japan last year during Fall. The last time you’ve been playing for your Japanese fans was 11 years ago. How did it feel to be back in the land of the Rising Sun?


It felt great after so many years !!!. I mean, we used to tour that country a lot in the past and eleven years is some sort of an intermission, right. But we got a fantastic welcome back reception and we’ll go there again later this year!


Pretty Maids has been active for more than 30 years.  The music business has changed through all these years.. how do you feel about that?


Well, at times it was frustrating, especially in the nineties I guess. Sometimes it felt like starting all over again, running up a hill. But then again, when you’ve been in the business for so long ! That’s just the way things naturally goes. You either deal with it or do something else!


Has your fanbase changed as well?


Well, there’s still a lot of old loyal die-hard fans and followers of the band that come along. But! In recent years a lot of younger audience has turned up and still does, so that’s fantastic to actually witness! Some actually comes along with their parents who also are Pretty Maids fans. And that’s when you realize that you are becoming an old fart!


What about the music scene in Denmark, do you keep track of it? Are there any young bands coming up?


Well, a little. I was never really a big fan of the Danish scene anyway. I guess it’s mainly middle of the road pop, euro disco, rap or indie rock that goes on these days and I’m no particular fan of any of it, to be honest !.Then of course we have Volbeat, but I guess you’ve heard about them! But to sum it all up, it was always difficult to be a hard rock/ metal band in Denmark I guess. It’s always been some kind of an underground thing!


Looking at your tour calendar, it seems you’re going to have a busy summer, visiting many festivals all over Europe. Is there any of these shows you’re really looking forward to?


Well, in general we’re all looking forward to each and every one of them !. Can’t wait to get on the road with “Motherland” and kick some serious ass!


Will there be a club tour after the summertime festivals? Any chance to see you guys play in Italy as well?


Yes, we will be touring Europe in September and October and hopefully we’ll be playing in Italy again, it’s been a long time since we played there! In fact, I just played there some weeks ago with Avantasia and what an absolutely fantastic crowd that was! So I really hope that I’ll play there with the rest of the boys on the “Motherland” tour. But it’s always a financial issue, it takes a promoter that comes up with a decent offer.

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