Killswitch Engage (Jesse Leach)
Here's our interview with Jesse Leach, who's been the singer in the original Killswitch Engage line-up, and recently came back behind and mic and found new enthusiasm and a great alchemy between his band mates, as well as devotion from the fans and much more.
Article by Antonio Conte - Publish on: 16/05/13

The new album “Disarm The Descent” sold pretty well in the US. 48.000 copies during the first week. and it reached number 7 on Billboard. I guess you must have got used to such numbers, but does it still surprise to get such a positive response from the fans?

Oh, for me you know having this kind of number is pretty new for me, 'cause i've just re-join the band, so for me it's exciting, it's great to get this response. But for me, you know, i do music because  it's something i love to do and if the critics and the fans enjoy it, if the numbers are well it's just an additional.

Musically speaking, the new album is very close the your standards. in a way, it immediately sounds familiar to those who already know your music. Don’t you think that some variation on the main theme would make the next album more intriguing?

killswitchengage_intervista_01Yeah, that's a possibility. Now that I've come back in the band I just wrote lyrically and vocally what fits best with the music. So I think that's a possibility that in the next record we coul make something slighty different. I enjoy doing different things with music. We'll see.

Did you take part in the songwriting process?

Yes but not instrumentally, it was done when I rejoin the band, but  lyrically and vocally it's 95% made by me and Adam that helps me perfects the lyrics, expecially chorus. I came back with some ideas that were good, but he make them better.

The main news is the fact that you came back behind the mic. I know that there have been other auditions before, how did the band choose to go for you?

I got asked, before the audition, to rejoin and I turn it down 'cause i didn't think that I will be able to perform material that I didn't write. Then I changed my mind and I started to listen to the new material, fell in love with the songs, “Arms of Sorrow” was the first song I could related to. So I called up Adam, we talked and then I said to the manager: “Put me in the list, I want to be part of the audition process”. So, you know, I actually said no, then when I change my mind I said to myself “I have to work for them now, I have to prove them and to myself that this is something that I can do”.

Is there the same old alchemy within the band?

It's so much better. It's so different from ten years ago, but now there is an energy that it never existed in this band. It's beautiful. I fell like I'm 15 again. It's great, I feel like I'm on fire.

We were talking about changes: do you think that being one of the leader bands of the metalcore scene can slow down the band’s natural evolution?

I don't know it's hard to say. I don't think in term of categorization, I think that we're just a metal band. Maybe for the next record we'll do something, I don't know, we've just re-started everything again and this is only the beggining of something new for us.


How is the tour going so far? Is there any anecdote you would like to share with the fans?

It's just amazing, every single show had been close to the sold-out, or completely sold-out, the energy of the crowd is amazing. People singing along to the new songs, and the record is out from a couple of weeks. After the show I came out to meet people and the response is great. People that just want to hug me, that wants my autographs, wanna take photos and I'm not used to that, I see myself just as a normal working-class type person. But it's been amazing. Our fans are incredible.

What about your future plans? Is there anything ahead for Killswitch Engage?

So much touring. We're going all over the world, I want to be on the road non-stop. I've have another band called “The Empire should Fall” (controllare nome corretto), I've got four new songs, workin' on them. Adam is in project with George of Cannibal Corpse, they're working together.

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