Megadeth (Dave Mustaine)
On the occasion of the release of “Super Collider”, we talked with Dave Mustaine on the telephone. We had a full spectrum and pleasant talk with Megadeth frontman. Enjoy the interview!
Article by Marco Ferrari - Publish on: 04/06/13

Hello Dave, and welcome to SpazioRock. Thank you for your time, it's a great honour, as well as a great pleasure, to interview you.


Hello Marco, thank you.


So, since we don't have much time, I'd like to start talking about your brand new album, “Supercollider”, which is definitely full of great songs. How was the songwriting and the recording session? Have you set some specific goals, when you started working on the new record?


First of all, I'd like to say that all the band had wonderful moments, during the songwriting and the recording process. It has been quite a long work, because we started collecting idea last summer and the energy the music we were writing was extraordinary and this has been positive for the whole writing of the album.


I have to say that this feeling is clearly evident in the new record... It's clear that this a kind of music you're comfortable with. In particular, what impressed me was the perfect mix between Megadeth classic sound and the markedly rock influences. I think about the titletrack, could you talk about it?


Well, it's not a secret that, when I wrote the new riffs, then I listened to the old songs we've written, and this helps me in understanding the way I want the new songs to sound. In particular, “Super Collider” is a song I wrote quite some time ago, but only recently I have found the way to perfect it and I am very satisfied with the final result.


Among all the excellent songs in the album, I have to say that “Forget To Remember” is the one that impressed me the most, absolutely an amazing song...


Thank you very much! This is a nice surprise. I don't know if we have time, but I'd like to tell you the story behind this song, that's very important to me. The song refers to when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with an acute disease... I was very sad and shocked, and that's when I wrote the lyrics. The lyrics looked too much dark and sad, as though she was already dead, so I tried to make them lighter and give them a double-meaning in which, besides my thoughts towards my mother-in-law, there could have been something deeper and in common with any other true friendship.


It definitely sounds like a very touching and deep song...


When the other guys in the band listened to it, they looked at me with teary eyes, because they knew the story which gave life to this song.


Now, I'd like to discuss about a bigger topic. In the world of thrash metal, Megadeth have always been special: every band in its story often has appalling ups and downs, but Megadeth music quality has never had a true crisis, a part from some choices that were not shared by everybody. What do you think about it?


I agree, we never had particular ups and downs and I have always perceived this in live shows, where the enthusiasm of the audience has always supported us. I have to admit that sometimes it happens that you know exactely what to write and you know that your fans will definitely like it, but sometimes, although you're convinced of your music, you don't get why people don't like it. So, I think the only thing I can do is, basically, writing songs that I feel... True.


Personally, I have always loved Chris Broderick as a guitarist, and I think Megadeth level definitely improved, since he joined the band. How important is to have a musicians like Chris by your side?


Chris is a great person for asome aspects, because, thanks to his techinical qualites he is able to play anything and he has a great personality onstage, but most of all he has a great personality off the stage. He's one of the best persons I have ever met... He's not drunk all the time (general laughter)... But he's always a kind guy and always in a good mood.




Recently, I interviewed Dan Spitz from Red Lamb, and former member of Anthrax, who told me about your collaboration in his project, but most of all, about your friendship. Could tell us anything about it?


Dan and I we've been great friends since he played in Anthrax and when he started working on his new project, one day he came to me with some new material, asking me to listen to it and let him know about it. I listened to the songs and musically speaking, they were incredible, then I read the lyrics and the fact that they were related to his family, it really impressed me. We discussed about the new material, but also about the fact that, if you want to be successful, there are two main aspects: the music and the business, and since Dan is not seventeen anymore, you have to consider the latter as well. So, we began this collaboration, because I firmly believe in the quality of his music.


How was the (double) Big 4 experience? How was sharing the stage with Anthrax, Slayer and Metallica?


It was absolutely fantastic and I think it was an unforgettable experience for the fans as well. If I think about it, I realize how extraordinary it was and it would be great if we could make it more often, because people love those bands and their records.


It's time for the last question: you have been living in the thrash metal scene for 30 years, what does it mean to you the fact that you've been able to write some immortal pages of the history of music?


It's a fantastic feeling and it's an honour being part of this community and it there wouldn't be a better place. Many people think that metal community is made of people with problems, who denounce their disease by keeping long hair and by wearing metal bands black t-shirts, but in any part of the world and in any environment there are people with problems. In the metal scene, you can canalize and pour out problems through music and it's awesome that fans of different bands stay together at concerts and have fun, living this passion together, since they have something strong in common to believe in. This helps people immensely and the emotion derived from being part of this community is simply incredible.


Great Dave, our time has run out. I'd like to thank you and give you the chance to say hi to all your fans, while we are all waiting to see you again at Sonisphere Festival, in Milan, at the beginning of July...


I'll see you all soon for sure. My family, my wife in particular loves Milan very much and it's her favourite place to come and even for me it's always special to come there. I have always deeply respected Italy and it's one of my favourite places, not only for the tours.


Thank you Dave, it has been a great honour.


Bye Marco, thank you.

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