New Found Glory (Cyrus Bolooki)
New Found Glory are coming back to Italy! The band, one of the most influent pop punk acts around, will play in Milan at Circolo Magnolia on August 29. Here's our interview with drummer Cyrus Bolooki, talking about the band's past and their new goals.
Article by Francesco De Sandre - Publish on: 27/08/13
Think about your music style and similar bands: in your opinion, what's the actual situation of pop-punk music? Is pop-punk more or less popular than 15 years ago?

I think pop-punk music, like many other styles of music, has changed throughout the years. Although it may not be as popular on the radio and TV as in the past, pop-punk is just as popular now if not more than it was 15 years ago. There are a lot of pop-punk bands that have gotten famous in these years, and if you look at a lot of these pop-punks bands live, they consistently draw huge crowds, even bigger many times than other popular bands.


The New Found Glory project is now a solid reality, but how did it start?

New Found Glory started as the 5 of us wanting to play music that we loved - we were all kids that enjoyed going to shows and watching our favorite bands play music - and we just wanted to do the same. We wanted to write music that we loved and then try and play that music in front of everyone that we could. We never thought that this would become a reality, let alone a career for us, 16 years and counting!


Which were the bands that inspired your first songs when you started your career?

There are many different influences for us, each one of us seem to have different influences. When we were starting, I was personally influenced by bands like Green Day, Blink-182, and MxPx. However, a lot of our music was also influenced by emo bands like The Get Up Kids, Knapsack, and other lesser known bands.


In 2001 you supported Blink-182. Do you remember any particular joke or funny story about them you would like to tell us?

The tour with Blink-182 was so much fun! Those were some of the biggest shows of our career! Blink-182 was really funny, I remember that there were a lot of times where they would put on costumes and walk around the crowd, where kids would have no idea that they were talking to members of the band! I also remember one night after a concert where there were hundreds of kids outside waiting for autographs. Mark Hoppus came outside and before he signed autographs he took a box of cereal and opened it up and started spinning around and emptying everywhere! It was so funny!


7510834220_d3787d4886_zWhich New Found Glory album is your favourite (just because it has a special meaning or because you've recorded it in a special moment of your life)?

I have great memories and meanings with every record that NFG has done; for me, I think my favorite record was "Catalyst"; I think as a band we came together to write 17 awesome songs, and took our time recording them. I think there's some really great variety in the songs and the sounds on that record, and I also think that record really helped to solidify us as a staple in the pop-punk genre.

I think that the power of your sound is slowing a little bit, and also the new lyrics and themes seem more serious than a few years ago. Are you growing wiser as musicians, as men, or both?

I have to disagree about our sound. I believe we write many different types of songs, both faster and slower. In fact, on our new live CD, Kill It Live, which comes out in October, we recorded 3 new songs, and 2 of them are a little faster than before. We write music about lots of different things, and don't always write about the same thing...sometimes it's about love and relationships, and sometimes it's about more serious things. Yet everything that we write comes from the heart, and I think that's why so many people can relate to our lyrics and our music.


Which are your plans for the future as band?

Like I just mentioned, we have a live CD, Kill It Live, coming out on October 8th, which also includes 3 brand new songs. We're also going on tour in the US with Alkaline Trio in October, and then going to Australia in December. Next year, I'm sure we'll continue to do the same -- more tours, more countries to visit, and maybe later next year some more new music!


Are you excited to play in Milan?new_found_glory1

We're always excited to play in Milan! We've played there a few times and we've always had a lot of fun! I love it when we travel outside of the US - I feel that the NFG fans in other countries are way crazier than in the US - so we always enjoy shows abroad.


Would you like to say something to the Italian fans?

We love the Italian fans. They been very supportive of us from the beginning, and every time we come to Italy, are fans are there at the shows. We also have a great Italian NFG Fan Club that supports us, New Found Glory Italia...we love them!


Thank you for your time and availability. Cheers!

Thank you for your support and the support of all of our Italian fans!

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