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It's quite hard to do justice to such an interesting and deep interview to Tarja Turunen: so many things happened in her life lately: a new album, of course, entitled "Colours In The Dark", becoming a mother of a very calm and nice baby girl (and all that this event implies). It so hard even to give a complete idea of what her own music means to her, without having her smile and piercing eyes right here and right now: the emotion of starting just from a scratch, and then hearing the final version of the song. Anyway, enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed it.
Article by Alessandra Leoni - Publish on: 28/08/13

"The cover of "Colours In The Dark" represents my life in the past few years. It has been somehow crazy, full of work and travels. I am always surrounded by men, it's still a men's world, this rock ‘n' roll business, so that's why in the picture I am surrounded by men. In the cover I wear black, it contains all the colours and I feel very confident by wearing it, I feel strong and powerful, and around me, there are so many colours...". Maybe it would be too much over-the-top, but Tarja has definitely experienced a good deal of hues, in these last years and little by little, her own shades are showing up: "I definitely feel more mature as a songwriter. And braver" she says, explaining the songwriting in her latest record. "At the beginning, I asked a lot of questions: it was the beginning of my solo career, which was pretty much different than being in a band. My musicians right now they know what I like and what I don't, everything just goes more easily than before". This smoother recording process was possible also thanks to her band mates, which have been pretty much the same in the last years. "Despite having two musicians for instrument in studio, because they have all their own projects, yes, I feel like I have found my perfect team. Sometimes it's difficult to manage things, even though they are all organized in advance, but that's why I have two musicians per instrument. I have found another cello player beside Max Lilja, Caroline Lavelle, she's so amazing, such a beautiful person". How is it like getting along with musicians with such a different background? (i.e. Doug Wimbish from Living Color or Caroline herself, often busy with Loreena McKennitt's tours and her solo career): "I believe it helps you broaden your horizons as a musician and artist: it feels so good to have so many different people and influences around" she says, smiling.



We would say that the "shades" in music are represented by the variety of sounds contained in Tarja's new album - "I actually care about the quality of sounds very much and I spend a lot of strength and energy in choosing this or that sound for that moment in the song. It's so hard to start from just... A scratch, and then it's so amazing to listen to the final song... And it has turned out the way you wanted it". Tarja might look like an old-fashioned girl with the dream of working with Peter Gabriel (hence her "Darkness" cover, "It's still a young girl's dream, to work with him, maybe it will remain so, but still, we're all allowed to dream (laughs)...I hope my rendition of "Darkness" is good enough"), she might look over-caring, by being constantly in the studio, watching over the recording process, but creating songs is just like taking care of her own baby. Tarja recently had a daughter, and her eyes are gleaming, as she talks about her: "She was always with me, in the studio, while touring in this last month with the orchestral project with Mike Terrana on drums. She seems to enjoy music very much - with her headphones on of course - and she is an incredibly quiet child". Does this huge leap in her life affected her musical career that much? "I thought it would have changed more in my life - to be honest it hasn't changed much. There's a new love in my life and this love makes me tremendously happy, she's adorable. My husband (Marcelo Cabuli) calmed me a lot, while I was worried about the plans I had, the tour we planned, and what if she got sick in the middle of it all... He just said ‘Tarja, calm down, she is going to be like us. We are calm people, she will be calm'. As long as she is healthy, I am fine, then of course her dad has to take care of her while Mom can't... But somehow sha has built her own barriers, her own protections, in order to feel safe in all of this, and somehow I believe she takes all of this as normal life. It's amazing to see that everything it's still possible, but it wouldn't have been possible without my husband".

tarja4Still, Tarja has her own tiny little dreams as a musician: beside singing with Peter Gabriel, as said before, the Finnish singer would love to work with Tori Amos and Björk. And, what was rather surprising, was that Tarja has her own singing students: "Unluckily, I can rarely give lessons, but it's so nice to see that they're still waiting for me, they write messages to me, waiting for another lesson. I still take lessons myself" she explains. Singing for her has a psychological meaning: "It has a lot to do with the knowledge of your body. The more you practise and sing, the more you got to know about yourself. It might only be a matter of muscles, but somehow, singing is a therapy for me, for you, for everybody who wants to know his own limits better".

Tarja will be touring for the next two years - with some good breaks in between - and she will be coming to Italy, to meet one of her favourite and most loyal audiences in the world. "I am very grateful towards my Italian fans" she says "I don't know the exact month when we will be coming to Italy, but we will come for sure!"

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