Phantom Antichrist

2012, Nuclear Blast

Un lavoro di livello superiore che consacra i Kreator nel panorama thrash metal
Review by Marco Ferrari - Publish on: 04/06/12

Three years after their latest effort and their successful worldwide tour, Kreator are back with a new studio album. In 2001 the four-piece led by charismatic Mille Petrozza managed to revitalize an entire genre releasing the wonderful "Violent Revolution", an album whose higher-quality songwriting marked a return to more classic thrash sounds. With the following two records the band followed its footseps, though, in spite of their skillfulness in making good records, they went through a predictable drop of inspiration. Thus, 11 years after the release of what I personally consider a modern thrash metal masterpiece, Mille Petrozza couldn't help but taking another direction. Don’t worry, the Kreator trademark has not been reduced; instead, it was elaborated and improved thanks to the excellent work of producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, etc.) and the result is with no doubts exceptional.

You can immediately understand that the change is noteworthy while listening to the instrumental introduction of "Phantom Antichrist", which shows off a melodic soul that never I had expected from Kreator. The title-track is the manifesto of pure power, malice and creativeness. Indeed, the song stands out not only for its brutal acceleration, but also for its melodic taste, reminiscent of classic heavy metal sounds that surely bring the overall quality of the album to a higher level. Such guidelines open up and simplify the band's sound, while strengthening the power of its thrash metal blusters, enhanced by a nice, violent and at the same time "cool" sound. Moreover, the desire for experimentation leads to epic tracks like "From Flood into Fire", or the outstanding intro of "United in Hate", that breaks the rhythm of the album with a dreamy interlude and leaves us willing to be hit by the violence we all got used to.

Speed, melody, refined arrangements and some references to the history of heavy metal turn "Phantom Antichrist" into a new point of departure in the band's discography and in the entire thrash metal movement; we only regret that the last tracks are not as much inspired as the previous ones, otherwise this would have been a new Kreator masterpiece.

With "Phantom Antichrist" Kreator bring their music to a new level, a perfect compromise between past, present and future. They definitely gave us an album that I can olny define in a single word: amazing.

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