36 Crazyfists
Collisions And Castaways

2010, Roadrunner Records

L'ostinazione dei 36 Crazyfists consolida la fiducia degli ascoltatori
Review by Fabio Rigamonti - Publish on: 28/07/10

The skeleton that was holding the ship in his hands on the cover of the previous album "The Tide And Its Takers" must have done very well his job, since today, at the fifth release of American 36 Crazyfists, we find a treasure wrecked on a shore, probably it's a castaway from that ship, a sailing ship that we presume to be destroyed. As a consequence, it is reasonable to believe that even by looking at the covers, a thick thread exists in this band, a bound that links together all their records and when we think about this guys, we can almost talk about obstinacy.

There's obstinacy in the production of a very intriguing mix of hardcore music with unexpected melodies, passing trough very "straight" songs like "Whitewater" and "Trenches", to interesting experiments with Deftonian sense of space ("Anchors" and the alternative rock in the conclusion of "Waterhaul II"), rather than change of tempo and structure that can easily make you think about the modernism of the most nervous nu-metal ("Death Renames The Light", "The Deserter").

There's obstinacy in they way these guys show the control of all these shades mentioned above, that, it is right to say, they are all the same in at least 3 of the 5 actual records of the band, but still this never brings to some annoying and deceiving albums, so you can say that all this obstinacy, in the end, brings a lot of trust in 36 Crazyfists' listeners.

It is with absolute serenity that you can open up this treasure chest of songs (wonderfully mixed, once again, by Andy Sneap), sure to find abnormal and fickle introductions like the metalcore manifest of the first track "In The Midnights" (that you have to listen a lot before you can really say to know it and appreciate it), rather than smashing hit singles like the exciting melody of "Carving In Spirals" and "Reviver", songs where is expressed the Emocore mark of the band (please note that I'm referring to the original Emocore spirit, the one that derives directly from punk music, and not the glamorous version we have nowadays in most cases), a melodic soul that always gives life to the "clean" side of the compositions of these guys. After all, the only negative aspect I can remark in this record is that "Collisions And Castaways" it's not the masterpiece that it could have been ... and, to be honest, 36 Crazyfists urge to have a masterpiece in their discography.

However, it doesn't matter: this cd is extremely enjoyable and confirms the relevant position that these guys deserve at the court of King Metalcore, their chair can be placed with dignity next to the one of Killswitch Engage and Atreyu, because these guys have nothing to show anymore after 16 years of brilliant and hard slog career.

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