Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven [DVD]

2011, Vertigo/Universal Music

Un grande spettacolo a base di rock n' roll da ascoltare e da guardare!
Review by Eleonora Muzzi - Publish on: 05/12/11

Those who had the chance to attend a Volbeat concert know what they'll deal with after they purchase this double DVD, and it is a lot of energy, a great stage presence and a tad of old school rock 'n' roll, just enough to enchant those not so young anymore, not to mention the desire to have fun and let the audience have fun. The spirit of old fashioned rock still lives, it didn't disappear in the dark dungeons of the sub-genres that were born during the last forty years; in the specific case of Volbeat, even if it is mixed with a more metal-oriented and rockabilly sound, the old school still can be heard. And seen: this live DVD, a must have for the fans, just drips rock 'n' roll with every frame.

After four years since the release of their preview DVD, the danish rockers just ride the wave of Christmas time with this new release and its various editions: limited double DVD+CD, 2 DVD, Bluray disk, CD and collectible vinyl edition. A very rich banquet for the fans, but in this case, we'll only consider the 2 DVDs. The first one contains the concert filmed in Copenhagen, at the Forum, with a great production, special effects, lights and everything, not to mention the presence of the vast of majority guests appeared on the four albums of the band. A very impressive show, masterfully recreated on video by a dynamic and fast direction which promptly follows the music. The set (in fact it's more a set than a stage in this case) works great for the band, it gives them the space to move at their best and create a great show. The seventeen songs on the list transmit a fantastic vibe and you'll have a hard time remaining still on the couch, since this is a very involving concert. The set-list embraces all the four albums released up to now, with greater care towards the last full-length, “Beyond Hell Above Hell” released last year and it allows to appreciate all the stages of stylistic evolution of Volbeat, which means that both the older and newer fans will be satisfied. Technically speaking, the DVD presents close to no flaws: the colours are marked and defined, on the TV screen (in this case the product was viewed on a computer monitor) it will do its best, thanks to the chromatic changes and games on stage.

The second DVD contains footage from a concert held in Anaheim, California, at the House Of Blues. Although the stage production is reduced to a minimum, with a less vast but not less emotional and involved audience, the whole result doesn't change a bit: clean and precise, Volbeat plant their flag even in the United States. The set-list is reduced to ten songs but all the best acts of the Danish rockers, those songs the whole show is build around, are there. But the feeling changes: aided by the typical club scene, the concert earns more intimacy. It doesn't mean that the show is a tamed version of bigger venues, at all, the only big change is the relationship between the band and the audience in front of the stage. Even in this case, under a mere technical aspect, there's not much to say. Technology has reached a point that makes it almost impossible to deliver bad products, at least on this kind of DVDs.

The real testing ground of the technical side would have been the Bluray edition, but testing it was not possible. Also that version, other than the high definition video, contains more footage from the show the band held at Rock Am Ring in summer 2011 in front of the endless crowd of the German festival.

To close it, considering both the great technical quality of “Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven” and the two astonishing concerts contained in the two DVDs, not to mention the funny behind the scenes (promptly renamed “beyond the scenes”), we feel like promoting this brand new DVD. For the most loyal fan but also for a normal fan, this is a great chance to have not only a good-looking object on your DVD shelf (the artwork is an eye-catcher to say the least, thanks to the contrast of red and black) but also a lot of great music, both to listen to and to watch.

DVD 1: Live at the Forum, Copenhagen

01. Intro
02. The Mirror And The Ripper
03. Maybellene
04. Halleluja Goat
05. 16 Dollars
06. Heaven Nor Hell
07. Guitar Gangster's & Cadilac Blood
08. Who They Are
09. Evelyn
10. Mary Ann's Place
11. Sad Man's Tongue
12. We
13. 7 Shots
14. Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza/BOA
15. A Warrior's Call
16. The Garden's Tale
17. Fallen
18. Thanks
19. The Human Instrument

DVD 2: Live At House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA

01. A Moment Forever
02. Radio Girl
03. Angelfuck
04. Mr. And Mrs Ness
05. Still Counting
06. Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza/BOA
07. I Only Wanna Be With You
08. Sad Man's Tongue
09. Mary Ann's Blood
10. Still Counting

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