Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Skeleton Tree
Bad Seed LtdAlternative Rock2016Marta Scamozzi9 
Counting Crows
August And Everything After
Geffen RecordsAlternative Rock1993 SpazioRock9  
Biffy Clyro
14th Floor, Warner BrosAlternative Rock2016Gianluca Comentale7.5  
Twenty One Pilots
Fueled by RamenAlternative Rock2015 SpazioRock8  
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Getaway
Warner MusicAlternative Rock2016Francesco De Sandre6  
Alternative Rock2016Alessandra Manini7.5  
Strange Little Birds
StunvolumeAlternative Rock2016Francesco De Sandre7.5  
The Used
Live and Acoustic At the Palace
Hopeless RecordAlternative Rock2016Giovanni Maria Dettori7  
Reprise RecordsAlternative Rock2016Salvatore Dragone8  
Weezer (The White Album)
Atlantic RecordsAlternative Rock2016Francesco De Sandre7.5 
The Breeders
Last Splash
4ADAlternative Rock/Indie1993Francesco De Sandre8 
The 1975
I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
Interscope RecordsAlternative Rock2016Paola Marzorati8  
The Orange Beach
Second ShimmyAlternative Rock2016Riccardo Coppola5.5  
The Lighthouse and The Whaler
Mont Royal
Roll Call RecordsAlternative Rock/Indie2015Francesco De Sandre7.5  
Foo Fighters
Saint Cecilia [EP]
RCA RecordsAlternative Rock2015Francesco Benvenuto7.5  
Vox Delitto
Potlatch [EP]
Dischi SotterraneiPsych/Alternative Rock2015Francesco De Sandre7.5  
Nothing But Thieves
Nothing But Thieves
RCA VictorAlternative Rock, Pop Rock2015Giovanni Maria Dettori7.5  
The Judas Table
Prophecy ProductionsAlternative Rock2015Alessio Sagheddu7.5  
Biffy Clyro
Only Revolutions
14th FloorAlternative Rock2009Costanza Colombo8  
Dead Soul
The Sheltering Sky
Razzia NotesElettronica / Alternative Rock2015Riccardo Coppola7  
Arcane Roots
Heaven & Earth [EP]
Sony MusicAlternative Rock2015Francesco Benvenuto8  
Celeb Car Crash
Mucha Lucha [EP]
Sliptrick RecordsAlternative Rock2015Riccardo Coppola6  
Brothers & Bones
Brothers & Bones
Last Step RecordsAlternative Rock2015Riccardo Coppola6  
In Dream
PIASAlternative Rock2015Fabio Rigamonti7  
Foo Fighters
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
RCAAlternative Rock2007Francesco De Sandre9 
Love, Fear And The Time Machine
InsideOutAlternative Rock2015Riccardo Coppola8.5 
Endkadenz Vol.2
Black Out / UniversalAlternative Rock2015Fabio Rigamonti4.5  
The Fratellis
Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied
Cooking VinylAlternative Rock/Indie2015Francesco De Sandre7  
Pop Evil
eOne MusicAlternative Rock2015Eleonora Muzzi8  
Saint Asonia
Saint Asonia
RCAAlternative Rock2015Riccardo Coppola5.5