Cradle Of Filth
Cryptoriana-The Seductiveness Of Decay
Nuclear BlastExtreme / Gothic Metal2017Giovanni Ausoni5.5  
End Of Green
Void Estate
Napalm RecordsGothic Metal2017Pamela Piccolo6.5  
Paradise Lost
Nuclear BlastGothic Metal2017Luca Ciuti7  
The Dying Daylights
Spinefarm RecordsGothic Metal2003Costanza Colombo8.5 
The Vision Bleak
The Unknown
Prophecy ProductionsGothic Metal2016 SpazioRock8  
Jack Frost
Melaina Chole
CarrycoalDoom/Gothic Metal2015Matteo Galdi6.5  
Songs For The Sinners
Spinefarm RecordsGothic Metal2005Costanza Colombo8