The Brink
Nowhere To Run
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni7  
Crazy Lixx
Forever Wild
FrontiersHard Rock2019Isadora Troiano8 
Flesh & Blood
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Luca Ciuti7.5  
Jack Slamer
Jack Slamer
Nuclear BlastHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni7  
Animal Drive
Back To The Roots [EP]
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Melodic Metal2019Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Frontiers MusicMelodic Hard Rock/AOR2019Giovanni Ausoni7  
Frontiers MusicPower Metal/Hard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni7  
Danko Jones
A Rock Supreme
AFM RecordsHard Rock2019Matteo Poli7.5  
The Treatment
Power Crazy
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Burning Rain
Face The Music
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni6  
The End Machine
The End Machine
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Quiet Riot
One Night In Milan
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2019Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
West Bound
Volume I
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Tora Tora
Bastards Of Beale
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni7  
Klee Project
Living in Confusion
UAP MusicSouthern Rock, Hard Rock2018Manuel Di Maggio6.5  
Kane Roberts
The New Normal
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Marilena Ferranti6  
Born To Fly
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Ride To Nowhere
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2019Marilena Ferranti7.5  
Rival Sons
Feral Roots
Low Country Sound/Atlantic RecordsHard Rock2019Salvatore Dragone8 
Altitudes & Attitude
Get It Out
Megaforce RecordsHard Rock2019Sophia Melfi7.5  
Hank Von Hell
Century MediaHard Rock2018Isadora Troiano6.5  
Def Leppard
The Story So Far - The Best Of
Bludgeon RiffolaHard Rock2018Simone Muzzoni7  
Thin Lizzy
Thunder & Lightning
Vertigo RecordsHard Rock1983Luca Ciuti8  
Rock'N Milan
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2018Giovanni Ausoni7  
Defrosted 2
Nuclear Blast RecordsHard Rock2018Matteo Poli7  
Parole Denied - Tokyo 2017
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2018Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
Devil's Hand ft. Slamer - Freeman
Devil's Hand ft. Slamer - Freeman
Frontiers MusicMelodic Hard Rock2018Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Doomsday Outlaw
Suffer More [Reissue]
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2016Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Stephen Pearcy
View To A Thrill
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2018Giovanni Ausoni6.5