Axel Rudi Pell
Knights Call
SPV / SteamhammerHeavy Metal2018Luca Ciuti5.5  
Judas Priest
Columbia RecordsHeavy Metal2018Matteo Poli8 
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Pawn and Prophecy
Frontiers MusicProg Metal / Heavy Metal2018Simone Muzzoni6.5  
Militia Guard RecordsHeavy Metal2018Luca Ciuti7.5  
Rise To Glory
Nippon Columbia RecordsHeavy Metal2018Matteo Poli6  
Pounding The Pavement
Steamhammer/SPV RecordsHeavy Metal2018Matteo Poli7  
White Wizzard
Infernal Overdrive
M-Theory AudioHeavy Metal2018Matteo Poli8  
Night Demon
Darkness Remains - Expanded Edition
Steamhammer/ SPVHeavy Metal2018Luca Ciuti7  
Avenged Sevenfold
The Stage (Deluxe Edition)
Capitol RecordsHeavy Metal2017Salvatore Dragone7.5  
Band Of Spice
Shadows Remain
Scarlet RecordsHeavy Metal2017Federico Falcone5.5  
Decade Of The Eagle
BMGHeavy Metal2017Giovanni Ausoni7  
Iron Maiden
The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter
ParlophoneHeavy Metal2017Luca Ciuti8  
Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy [Re-Issue 2017]
AFM RecordsProg/Heavy Metal2017Stefano Torretta7.5  
Pink Cream 69
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Simone Muzzoni6.5  
The Dark Element
The Dark Element
Frontiers MusicHeavy Metal, Symphonic Metal2017Mattia Schiavone7  
Sweet & Lynch
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Marilena Ferranti7  
Running Wild
Death Or Glory
Noise RecordsHeavy Metal1989Luca Ciuti8.5 
Primal Fear
Best Of Fear
Frontiers MusicHeavy Metal2017Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
Beast In Black
Nuclear BlastHeavy Metal2017Mattia Schiavone6.5  
Savage Messiah
Hands of Fate
Century MediaHeavy Metal2017Icilio Bellanima7  
Josh Todd & The Conflict
Year Of The Tiger
Century Media RecordsHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Sophia Melfi7  
Jag Panzer
The Deviant Chord
SPV/ SteamhammerHeavy Metal2017Luca Ciuti8.5 
Hell in The Club
See You On The Dark Side
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Marilena Ferranti8  
Judas Priest
Sin After Sin
CBS/Columbia RecordsHard Rock - Heavy Metal1977Matteo Poli8.5 
Venom INC.
Nuclear BlastHeavy Metal2017Giovanni Ausoni8 
The Rise Of Chaos
Nuclear BlastHeavy Metal2017Luca Ciuti7  
Live In Wacken
Ear MusicHeavy Metal2017Luca Ciuti6.5  
Iced Earth
Century Media Recordsheavy metal2017Marco Migliorelli7  
Primal Fear
Angels Of Mercy - Live In Germany
Frontiers MusicHeavy Metal2017Eleonora Muzzi8  
Black Knight
Master of Disaster
Cult Metal Classics RecordsHeavy Metal2016 SpazioRock8