Neck Deep
The Peace and the Panic
Hopeless RecordsPop Punk2017Francesco De Sandre7.5  
California [Deluxe]
BMG/SonyPop Punk2017Francesco De Sandre6.5  
New Found Glory
Makes Me Sick
Hopeless RecordsPop Punk2017Francesco De Sandre7  
As It Is
Fearless RecordsPop Punk2017Francesco De Sandre5.5  
Boston Manor
Be Nothing
Pure Noise RecordsPop Punk2016Pamela Piccolo7  
Sum 41
Screaming Bloody Murder
Island RecordsPop Punk2011 SpazioRock8  
Neck Deep
Life’s Not Out To Get You
Hopeless RecordsPop Punk2015Francesco De Sandre7  
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Get Lost, Find Yourself
Fearless RecordsPop Punk2015Francesco De Sandre7  
Matt Skiba & The Sekrets
Superball MusicPop Punk2015Riccardo Coppola6.5  
As It Is
Never Happy, Ever After
Fearless RecordsPop Punk2015Francesco De Sandre8.5  
State Champs
The Acoustic Things
Pure Noise RecordsPop Punk2014Francesco De Sandre6.5