Street Dogs
Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing
Century MediaPunk Rock2018Paolo Stegani7.5  
Red Hot Chili Peppers
By The Way
Warner Bros. RecordsFunk Rock, Pop Rock2002Giovanni Maria Dettori7  
Highway To Hell
ATCOHard Rock1979Giovanni Ausoni8.5 
Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy
BMGProgressive rock, Arena Rock2018Manuel Di Maggio6.5  
All That You Can't Leave Behind
IslandPop Rock2000Costanza Colombo8 
Enuff Z'Nuff
Diamond Boy
Frontiers MusicPower Pop, Melodic Rock2018Mattia Schiavone6.5  
The Rules Have Changed
Frontiers RecordsProgressive Rock/AOR2018Federico Barusolo8  
Magpie Salute
High Water I
Mascot Label Group/ ProvogueBlues Rock/Southern Rock2018Sergio Mancuso7.5  
King Company
Queen Of Hearts
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2018Marilena Ferranti7  
Like A Storm
Century MediaPost-Rock2018Federico Falcone6  
La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio
Sky Over Giza [EP]
BloodRock RecordsSpace Rock / Dark Ambient2018Giovanni Ausoni7  
The Night Flight Orchestra
Sometimes The World Ain't Enough
Nuclear BlastRock2018Costanza Colombo7.5  
Black Moth
Anatomical Venus
Spinefarm RecordsStoner rock2018Isadora Troiano7  
Deaf Wish
Lithium Zion
Sub PopAlternative Rock2018Francesco De Sandre6.5  
John Fogerty
BMG-AdaSouthern Rock/ Classic Rock2018Sergio Mancuso8.5 
Nine Inch Nails
Bad Witch
The Null Corporation/Capitol RecordsAlternative Rock2018Matteo Poli8 
Atlantic RecordsHard Rock, Alternative Rock2018Mattia Schiavone7.5  
Guns N' Roses
Appetite For Destruction (Locked N’ Loaded Edition)
Geffen/UMeRock2018Isadora Troiano9 
Johnny Gioeli Deen Castronovo
Set The World On Fire
Frontiers MusicMelodic Rock2018Marilena Ferranti8  
Bright Gloom
Century Media RecordsHard Rock2018Salvatore Dragone5  
Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet
EpicSouthern Rock1978Sergio Mancuso7.5  
Live From Milan
Frontiers MusicHard Rock2018Marilena Ferranti8.5 
Coming In Hot
Eleven Seven MusicRock2018Paolo Stegani8 
Graham Bonnet Band
Meanwhile, Back In The Garage
Frontiers RecordsHard Rock2018Federico Barusolo7.5  
Clif Magness
Lucky Dog
Frontiers RecordsMelodic Rock2018Giovanni Ausoni7  
Lucifer II
Century Media RecordsHard Rock2018Matteo Poli6.5  
La Chiave Di Giugno
Cimice RecordsIndie Rock/Cantautorato2018Giovanni Ausoni7  
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
KrankyPost Rock2000Federico Barusolo9 
And The Stars Above
Cleopatra RecordsProgressive Rock2018Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
Pianos Become The Teeth
Wait For Love
EpitaphPost-Hardcore, Post-Rock2018Giovanni Maria Dettori5