Atlas Pain
Tales Of A Pathfinder
Scarlet RecordsPagan Epic Metal2019Matteo Poli7  
Atlas Pain
What The Oak Left
Scarlet RecordsFolk/Epic Metal2017Roberto Di Girolamo7  
Pain Of Salvation
In the Passing Light Of Day
InsideOut MusicProgressive Rock/Metal2017Cristina Cannata7.5  
Coming Home
Nuclear BlastIndustrial Metal2016Eleonora Muzzi8  
Pain Of Salvation
Falling Home
InsideOutProg Rock2014Riccardo Coppola5.5  
Tuomas Holopainen
The Life And Times Of Scrooge
Nuclear BlastSoundtrack2014Paola Marzorati8  
Rough TradeAlternative Rock2014Riccardo Coppola5.5  
Endless Pain
Chronicles Of Death
Nadir MusicThrash2011Davide Panzeri7  
You Only Live Twice
Nuclear BlastIndustrial Metal2011Davide Panzeri6  
Temple Of Pain
Lord Of The Undead Knights
Black WidowDoom2010Andrea Mariano7  
Abyss Of Pain
Professing Through Terror
Crash And Burn RecordsDeath Metal2010Federico Botti5.5  
Absolute Power
AFM RecordsMetalcore2010 6  
Pain Of Salvation
Road Salt One
InsideOutRock2010 SpazioRock8  
Jon Oliva's Pain
AFM RecordsHeavy Metal2010Alessandra Leoni8 
Pain Of Salvation
Linoleum [EP]
InsideOutRock2009Marco Somma5  
Jon Oliva's Pain
Global Warning
AFM RecordsHeavy Metal2008Alessandra Leoni8  
Cynic Paradise
Nuclear BlastIndustrial Metal2008Fabio Rigamonti6.5