My Dying Bride
Macabre Cabaret [EP]
Nuclear BlastGothic/Doom Metal2020Giovanni Ausoni7  
My Dying Bride
The Ghost Of Orion
Nuclear BlastGothic/Doom Metal2020Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
Swallow The Sun
When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light
Century MediaGothic/Doom2019Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
Chelsea Wolfe
Sargent HouseGothic/Doom/Industrial2015Marco Mazza8.5 
Napalm RecordsGothic/Doom2015Alessio Sagheddu7  
The Foreshadowing
Second World
Cyclone Empire RecordsGothic/Doom2012Marco Mazza7  
My Dying Bride
A Map Of All Our Failures
Peaceville RecordsGothic/Doom2012Marco Belafatti7.5  
Swallow The Sun
Emerald Forest And The Blackbird
Spinefarm RecordsGothic/Doom2012Marco Belafatti8  
A Rose For The Apocalypse
Napalm RecordsGothic/Doom2011Marco Belafatti8  
Swallow The Sun
New Moon
Spinefarm RecordsGothic/Doom2009Marco Belafatti8