Louder Than Noise... Live In Berlin
Silver Lining MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2021Giampiero Pelusi6.5  
Quiet Riot
One Night In Milan
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2019Giovanni Ausoni7.5  
Pink Cream 69
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Simone Muzzoni6.5  
Sweet & Lynch
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Marilena Ferranti7  
Josh Todd & The Conflict
Year Of The Tiger
Century Media RecordsHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Sophia Melfi7  
Hell in The Club
See You On The Dark Side
Frontiers MusicHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Marilena Ferranti8  
Valient Thorr
Old Salt
Napalm RecordsHard Rock/Heavy Metal2016Federico Falcone7.5  
Heavy Rock Radio
Frontiers RecordsHard Rock/Heavy Metal2016Laura Gervasini6.5  
Last In Line
Heavy Crown
Frontiers RecordsHard Rock/Heavy Metal2016Valerio Cesarini7