Amyl And The Sniffers
Comfort To Me
Rough Trade RecordsPunk Rock2021Giampiero Pelusi7.5  
Billie Joe Armstrong
No Fun Mondays
Warner RecordsPunk Rock2020Maria Chiara Cerra6.5  
Bad Religion
Age Of Unreason
Epitaph RecordsPunk Rock2019Luca Ciuti7  
Street Dogs
Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing
Century MediaPunk Rock2018Paolo Stegani7.5  
The Damned
Evil Spirits
Spinefarm RecordsPunk Rock / Dance Rock2018Paolo Stegani8 
Inequilibrio [EP]
Garrincha Dischi / Canapa DischiPunk Rock2018Francesco De Sandre6.5  
L'Alba Di Nuovo
L'Alba Di Nuovo
This Is CorePunk Rock2017Mattia Schiavone7  
Green Day
Greatest Hits: God's Favourite Band
Reprise RecordsPunk Rock2017Alessandra Manini7.5  
Radio Vud├╣
Zagor, Charlotte e Altre Avventure
AutoprodottoPunk Rock2016Luca Ciuti7  
American Fall
SpinefarmPunk Rock2017Francesco De Sandre6.5  
All We Know
Arising Empire/Nuclear BlastPunk Rock2017Roberto Di Girolamo7  
Together We Are Stronger
Xtra Mile RecordingsPunk Rock2017Mattia Schiavone7  
A Day To Remember
Bad Vibrations [Deluxe Edition]
ADTR Records/EpitaphPunk Rock/Pop2016Francesco De Sandre7  
Delicious Rock Noise
Another CenturyPunk Rock/Garage Rock2016Alessandra Manini7  
Sum 41
13 Voices
Hopeless RecordsPunk Rock2016Francesco De Sandre7  
Green Day
Revolution Radio
Reprise/WarnerPunk Rock2016Francesco De Sandre7.5  
Good Charlotte
Youth Authority
MDDN/KobaltPunk Rock/Pop2016Francesco De Sandre7  
The Clan
All In The Name Of Folk
Scarlet RecordsCeltic Punk Rock2016Alessandra Manini7  
BMG/SonyPunk Rock2016Francesco De Sandre7.5 
Sir Reg
Modern Day Disgrace
Gain/Sony MusicCeltic Punk Rock2016Francesco De Sandre6.5  
Il Lato Ruvido
Canapa Dischi/Rude Records/Garrincha DischiPunk Rock2016Francesco De Sandre7  
Simple Plan
Taking One For The Team
Warner MusicPunk Rock/Pop2016Francesco De Sandre8 
The Stranger
Roadrunner RecordsPunk Rock2016Matteo Galdi7  
Sweet Baby Octane
SPVPunk Rock2015 SpazioRock7.5  
Walk the Plank
Rude RecordsPunk Rock/Rapcore2015Francesco De Sandre6.5  
State Champs
Around the World and Back
Pure Noise RecordsPunk Rock/Pop2015Francesco De Sandre7  
Backyard Babies
Four By Four
Billion Dollar BabiesPunk Rock2015Andrea Mariano7.5  
Out Of Control [EP]
Rude RecordsPunk Rock2015Francesco De Sandre7.5  
The Distillers
Coral Fang
SirePunk Rock2003Francesco Benvenuto7.5  
The Ataris
Record Store Day 2015
Kung Fu RecordsPunk Rock/Pop2015Francesco De Sandre7