Masters Of Chant X - The Final Chapter
earMusicGregorian Chant2015Giulio Beneventi7.5  
The Darkness
One Way Ticket To Hell... and Back!
AtlanticHard Rock2005Giulio Beneventi7  
Billy Sherwood
FrontiersNeo-progressive2015Giulio Beneventi8  
Def Leppard
Def Leppard
earMusicHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7.5  
Bryan Adams
Get Up!
UniversalMelodic Rock2015Giulio Beneventi5.5  
Joel Hoekstra's 13
Dying To Live
FrontiersMelodic Rock2015Giulio Beneventi6.5  
Michael Monroe
Blackout States
SpinefarmHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi8 
Roadhouse Diet
Original Soundtrack
MojoholicBlues-Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7  
Eagles Of Death Metal
Zipper Down
UniversalGarage Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7  
Prisoners In Paradise
EpicHard Rock1991Giulio Beneventi7.5  
Keith Richards
Crosseyed Heart
UniversalRock2015Giulio Beneventi7.5  
Miskatonic Graffiti
DespotzHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi5.5  
Deep Purple
...To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)
earMusicHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7.5  
Deep Purple
From The Setting Sun… (In Wacken)
earMusicHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7  
Hollywood Vampires
Hollywood Vampires
UniversalHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi8  
Bon Jovi
Burning Bridges
MercuryMelodic Rock2015Giulio Beneventi6.5  
Lynyrd Skynyrd
One More For The Fans
Loud & ProudClassic Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7.5  
Like It Is - At the Mesa Arts Center
FrontiersProg2015Giulio Beneventi5.5  
Paul Weller
Saturns Pattern
ParlophonePop Rock2015Giulio Beneventi5.5  
The Darkness
Last Of Our Kind
Canary DwarfHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi8 
Peace Out
Frontiers RecordsAOR2015Giulio Beneventi6.5  
Sinking In Your Sea
Black CandyGarage Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7.5  
Axel Rudi Pell
Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show
Spv / SteamhammerHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi7  
Frontiers RecordsSpeed / Power Metal2015Giulio Beneventi6.5  
Peterik / Scherer
Risk Everything
Frontiers RecordsAOR2015Giulio Beneventi7.5  
Kyle Gass Band
Kyle Gass Band
SPV/SteamhammerHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi6.5  
Van Halen
Tokyo Dome Live In Concert
Warner BrosHard Rock2015Giulio Beneventi6.5  
Ringo Starr
Postcards From Paradise
Universal Music EnterprisesRock2015Giulio Beneventi6  
The Rolling Stones
Dirty Work
CBS RecordsRock1986Giulio Beneventi3.5  
Mark Knopfler
MercuryRock2015Giulio Beneventi7