As I Lay Dying
Shaped By Fire
Nuclear BlastMetalcore2019Simone Maurovich7.5  
The New Roses
One More For The Road
Napalm RecordsHard Rock2017Simone Maurovich7.5  
Chastity Belt
I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Hardly ArtIndie Rock2017Simone Maurovich7  
Bad Bones
Demolition Derby
Madhouse Music/AudioglobeHard Rock2016Simone Maurovich7.5  
Twisted Sister
Metal Meltdown
Loud & Proud RecordsHard Rock2016Simone Maurovich7.5  
Crazy Lixx
Sound Of The Live Minority
Frontiers RecordsHard Rock2016Simone Maurovich8  
All Hell
Pure Noise RecordsPost Hardcore2016Simone Maurovich7.5  
And Then She Came
And Then She Came
DME MusicAlternative Metal2016Simone Maurovich6.5  
Lacuna Coil
Century MediaAlternative Metal2016Simone Maurovich8